rants for single mothers in Siloam Springs

Single Mothers Grants in Siloam Springs, Arkansas

This page provides information about grants for single mothers in Siloam Springs for financial assistance. 

Grants for single mothers in Siloam Springs

Cash Assistance

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families supports single parents in keeping their families together by providing them with the skills and cash needed to sustain their families. Learn more about their programs, and to read about some of their successes through their website.

Help With Food

A supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, run by the Arkansas Department of Human Settlements’ Children and Family Services provides nutritious food for families. Visit their website to learn more about this program and how to apply.

Help With Shelter and Housing


The Havenwood assistance provides a fully furnished apartment to single mothers and her family. On their website you can learn more about the services available and the criteria for qualification. For families who need assistance, you can call the office at 479-273-1060 or send them an email.

Help With Energy and Utilities

Single mothers can apply for assistance through the Arkansas Home Energy Assistance Program to help them pay their energy bills and other utilities. To access the application forms and find out your eligibility, visit their website.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

True Wireless offers subsidized cell phones to qualified families that allow them to connect to emergency services like jobs, family services and other services. Apply for the program if you are already enrolled in any of the programs listed on their website like SNAP. For more information, call them at 877-412-1919.

Help With Childcare

The Child Care Development Fund (CCDF) created the Child Care Assistance program to assist single mothers to pay child care costs. For more information, visit the website or contact the Program Eligibility Specialist at 800-322-8176.

Help With Legal Matters

Single mothers can access the Arkansas Legal Services’ Online Legal Library for free to find self-help resources. Visit their website to access all the resources for professionals and the general public.

Help With Financial Counseling

The Caring Financial Professionals provides face-to-face services depending on the needs and preferences of single mothers. These services include free credit reports reviews, budget counseling, debt elimination methods, and budget counseling. Learn more about the assistance they offer through their website. To schedule a free appointment, call them at 479-521-8877 or 800-889-4916.

Help From Other Groups

First United Methodist Church provides volunteer childcare services and other events to empower single mothers. Visit the website to learn more about what this organization can offer your family or send them an email to know more about the events calendar.

We hope the information and resources will help single mothers in Siloam Springs find the right assistance programs.

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