Grants for single mother in Spanish Fork

Single Mothers Grants in Spanish Fork, Utah

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These are the grants that are both federally and state-funded made to help the single mothers in Spanish Fork, UT financially. 

Grants for single mothers in Spanish Fork, UT

Cash Assistance

The Utah Family Employment Program, funded by the federal TANF Program. The FEP assistance provides temporary cash loans and employment assistance to single mothers. Apply for benefits online, or contact the Utah Workforce Services Office at 1-866-435-7141.

Help With Food

The Food Stamps assistance program is for Utah residents facing hunger. Buy healthy food at participating stores using the electronically loaded benefits your Utah Horizon Card receives monthly. Apply for benefits online, or call the Workforce Services at 1-866-435-77414.

Help With Shelter and Housing

Housing and Urban Development programs are available to single mothers in need of affordable and decent housing for their children. These programs include assistance with mortgage repayments, rental assistance, and affordable housing services. Start your application by calling the Housing Authority of Utah at 801-373-8333 or by visiting the website.

Help With Energy and Utilities

Utah’s federally funded LIHEAP program, Home Energy Assistance Target Program (HEAT) provides assistance in paying for heating costs in your home during winter months. Applications starts at November and ends in April. Apply online or call the Workforce Services office at 1-866-435-7417.

Help With Childcare

The Utah Department of Workforce Services provides financial assistance to single mothers in need of help with paying child care costs. You need to be employed and meeting the income requirements, to apply for the child care assistance. For more information or to start your application, visit the website or call the WFS Office at 800-526-0950.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

Medicaid provides coverage for low-income single mothers and their children up to 18 years of age. Submit your application online, or call the Workforce Services at 1-866-435-7414.

Help With Legal Matters

The Utah Legal Services provides free or low-cost legal assistance to those that meet eligibility requirements and cannot afford to pay for lawyers’ fees. Find out how the ULS can assist you with your non-criminal case through their website or by calling the ULS office at 80-662-4245.

Help With Financial Counseling

ACC gives free financial counseling and advice on debt management to Utah residents. Consult their website or call 800-769-3571 to make an appointment.

Help From Other Groups

Utah Valley University’s Turning Point Program provides scholarships to low-income students. Contact a Turning Point Coordinator at 801-863-7580 or visit their website online to start your application.

This page provides single mothers in Spanish Fork, UT with a variety of options for applying for financial assistance.

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