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Help for Single Mothers – What Support is Available?

Many single moms are in dire need of support in any form. In the United States, millions of single mothers face difficulties in their daily living. They usually work for extended hours, have financial problems, some did not finish school.

However, federal and state programs make material and financial assistance available. By conducting investigations and surveys for the said programs, single mothers’ tasks can become lighter and easier to manage.

Single moms’ support can also come in the form of helping them to pursue their dreams with grants. Some have been able to commit to higher education to prepare themselves for job opportunities. Others are starting their own business, while some improve and develop the work or business they already own.

Mothers tend to prioritize the security of their children by providing them a roof over their heads, supplying them with quality health care, feeding them with nutritious foods, and bringing them to school for education. Grants are a big help for single mothers, allowing them to provide for their children when their finances are inadequate.

Types of Single Moms Support

1. Grants

What are grants?

Grants are a fund or system for assisting those qualified to apply in the organization, foundation, corporation, trust, or any other educational institution. It’s assistance or money awarded to you according to the specifications of the grant guidelines.

There’s no interest, and you are under no obligation of paying it back. Plus the tax exemption for your bonus.

How to get a grant?

Grants are not easy to avail. It is the most rigid application in the government because it’s not as available or vast as some loans and scholarships. To be granted your application, do some more research online, submit applications, keep updating, and do a daily follow-up.

Make sure you are eligible to apply for grants. If you do not meet one of their qualifications or mandatory requirements, you are not a qualified applicant. It will help if you abode by their rules to receive the monetary reward. There are different types of grants offered to single mothers US citizens.

Types of Grants:
  • Government Grants
  • College Grants
  • Financial Aid
  • Housing Grants
  • Business Grants
  • Small Business Grants
  • Minority Grants
  • Personal Grants
  • Daycare Grants

The information and specifications can be found on our page, grants for single mothers.

2. Housing Assistance

Housing assistance is applicable and available to assist you with housing costs across the country. This assistance comes in the form of support from organizations and the government. You may provide the demand requirements and check the eligibility of your applications, then submit it to their office.

There are also different types of housing assistance that provide single moms support from the US government:

Emergency Housing

Emergency housing is short-term accommodation for homeless people or those in crisis. It applies to domestic violence situations, fire victims, and any other natural disasters that cause harm to their homes.

With this program, you can claim and get the affected individual’s basic needs. Necessities such as a place to sleep, shower, do your laundry, get clothing, be fed, or get money for food. The social services and organizations will shoulder all costs.

Affordable Housing

You can avail of this with the Section 8 vouchers or part of a community where the houses and apartment units are cheaper. Expect a low-cost rental or low monthly mortgage payments for this program.

Low Income Housing

This program caters mainly to those who have low incomes only. They will check the monthly earnings of the applicant of this program. If they meet the maximum amount of the qualification required, they can live in a low-cost house, apartment unit, or townhouse with this application.

Rental Assistance

With this program, they help people with the monthly rental of their units where they live. They will check if the applicant is eligible when claiming another payment or move. You should prepare your documents because they will surely ask for them. The organization or the government will assist you with money to provide for the rental. You can also work with the landlord to reduce the rent of your unit.

You can see all of the requirements for the housing assistance mentioned above on our housing assistance page.

3. Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) Program

The ESG program supports grants by the rules to metropolitan cities, states, urban counties, and all US territories. They support emergency shelters, homeless prevention, and many other related services. This program intends to help the families and individuals recover their stability in permanent housing after being homeless or had a housing crisis.

4. Scholarships

For single mothers, pursuing higher education seems challenging to survive. Aside from thinking about all the expenses you need for your college, you shall always do the duty or responsibility as a mother at the same time to assure that children are still well taken care of while you’re in the class.

But the government will also take care of and help you with all your needs in school. That’s the good news because, with this program, the chance is there to fund your education. Not only for you, but your children are also eligible for this scholarship program from the government. Check out the different types of scholarships below:

College Scholarships

College scholarships support you with an amount of money to ensure you can afford school miscellaneous, tuition fees, books, and any other related college accounts. You don’t have to pay back the money you use for your school, but there are some requirements, rules, and regulations. You need to follow and fulfill these to keep the scholarship assistance with you and continue it until the last day of your school.

Nursing Scholarships

Those single mothers lined up in a nursing career are eligible for the Nursing Scholarship program. The government supports them by paying tuition, books, and living costs. You don’t have to return the money, but some associations want you to work with their designated health care centers during or after your higher education.

Children Scholarships

This program helps those children whose parents are financially insufficient with their college costs. Parents need to submit the children’s information to grant their application. Moreover, there are still requirements and conditions that the children need to comply with and fulfill even after they received the support money.


Loans are useful financial assistance that can help you in many ways, depending on taking out a loan. It matters how to choose the type of loans you want to secure, how you will use it and is committed to paying it back according to its terms and conditions as both parties agreed.

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