10 Best Single Parent Romance Books

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Who said that being a single parent means you cannot experience any romance? We understand that as a single mom or single dad, you have a tremendous amount of pressure on your shoulder. And this might be a reason why sometimes, you have to put aside your needs to prioritize other things in life: your child, your family, your job, etc. However, one way for you to retrieve these experience might be from books. So, here are 10 romance books for single parent that we suggest. If you have any other suggestions, please comment below!

3 Best Single Parent Romance Books About Single Dads



– Emma Chase

Jake Becker follows his own rules. Jake Becker is a rising criminal defense lawyer who is at the top of his game. He’s scoring both in the courtroom as well as the bedroom. Everything changes when fate puts him in Chelsea McQuaid’s shoes.

Chelsea was left the sole guardian of her six nephews and nieces after a tragic accident. She’s now struggling to keep them all afloat. Chelsea is now a mom, changing diapers and driving the children around town instead of going to graduate school. Everything changes when Jake comes into their lives.

Sustained a charming single parent romance that is funny and lighthearted between a lawyer who shuns commitment and a single mother of six who doesn’t intend to get into a relationship.

Desperately Seeking Epic

Desperately Seeking Epic

– B.N. Toler –

Twelve-year-old Neena is running out time. She wants to see her father before it’s too late. Clara’s mom was unaware that Neena had posted a Craigslist ad addressed to her father. It quickly went viral and reached Paul, the famed stuntman and adrenaline junkie.

Clara hesitates to let him back in their lives, even though he left her for a new adventure. Paul will not be stopped by meeting his daughter. Desperately Seeking Epic is a great love story. There’s a 99.9% probability that you will be crying after the first chapter. B.N. Toler will take your heart out.

To Hate Adam Connor

To Hate Adam Connor

– Ella Maise

Lucy temporarily moves in with Olive, her best friend and husband Jason. She doesn’t expect Adam Connor, a legendary Hollywood heartthrob to move in next door. Olive and Lucy are curious to see if they can catch a glimpse at the famous bachelor. They do some light spying and look over the fence.

Lucy is locked behind bars by Adam Connor, a new enemy who happens to be a twist of fate. Ella Maise creates a hilarious, heartwarming romance between a divorced dad and a college graduate. This single-parent love story between two enemies will leave you swooning and ready to confess your love to Adam Connor.

5 Best Single Parent Romance Books About Single Moms


Ghosted Single Parent Romance Books

– J.M. Darhower

Kennedy Garfield, a single mother, is trying to make ends work. She doesn’t need Jonathan Cunningham, Hollywood’s A-lister, to come back into her life. His next job will change all that. Kennedy, who is filming in New York, is equally nervous about whether he will show up, and afraid that he won’t. He doesn’t care.

Jonathan, the King of the Tabloids has seen scandal after scandal and struggled with his own addictions. He decides to visit the girl he left when he discovers the location of the next superhero film. He soon discovers that he didn’t just leave one girl behind; he also left two.

Ghosted has a great second chance romance book for single parents who want to find a romantic story with children.

Eleanor & Grey

Eleanor & Grey

– Brittainy C. Cherry

Greyson East was Eleanor’s first boyfriend, first love, and first heartbreak. Eleanor is shocked to learn that Greyson East is the father of her babysitter job. But this is not the boy she fondly recalls.

Some boats sink when life is not fair. Greyson’s boat is in ruins, in the deepest part of the ocean. Grey is cold and detached and refuses to let anyone in. Grey’s high school flame returns as his new nanny. He promises to keep their past in good stead, but it is rare for the past to be buried.

Eleanor & Grey is a slow-burn, second-chance romance between high school sweethearts. They were separated but met years later. It’s one of the most popular single parent romance books.

The Smallest Part

The Smallest Part

– Amy Harmon –

Cora McKinney and Mercedes Lopez were best friends growing up. Cora asked Mercedes about her feelings for Noah and she revealed the worst lie she had ever told Cora. Mercedes was Noah’s best friend, his bridesmaid and godmother.

The Smallest part is a friendship-to-lovers romance that centers around a single father and his best friend. Amy Harmon tells a touching story of friendship, heartache and loss in this slow-burning single parent romance books.


Sacrifice Single Parent Romance Books

– Adriana Locke –

Crew vows to care for Julia Gentry and Ever when tragedy strikes. Crew Gentry is left brotherless and Julia Gentry widowed. He is ready to do anything Crew can to help Julia save her daughter from tragedy if it strikes again. Crew will do whatever it takes to get back to the ring that almost paralyzed his body years ago.

However, bad luck can come in threes. A third tragedy could leave the Gentrys in ruin. If you are looking for an emotionally charged single parent romance that will tug at your heartstrings, then read Sacrifice. There will be some tears.

The Air He Breathes

The Air He Breathes

– Brittainy C. Cherry –

Elizabeth has tried to make a comeback after losing her love. Her daughter Emma keeps her from falling apart. Elizabeth is ready to leave her mother after a long stay. She is surprised to find that not much has changed since her departure. Except for Tristan Cole, the newest resident of the small town.

People tend to avoid the cold, cruel, and callous. Elizabeth, however, can see a friend hidden underneath her shaming exterior and refuses his attempts to push her away. The air he breathes is an emotional, touching, and heartbreaking romance that will appeal to Emma Scott and Mia Sheridan.

2 Single Parent Romance Books About Forbidden Romance

The Idea Of You

The Idea Of You

– Robinne Lee –

Solene Marchand brings her daughter Isabelle along to August Moon’s concert. She never imagined that she would make a connection with Hayes Campbell, a twenty-year-old British pop star.

The couple are inseparable and find it difficult to resist one another. They also have to deal with many obstacles when their relationship is made public. If you are looking for a real and raw forbidden romance that will last for months, then read The Idea of You.

The Sweet Gum Tree

The Sweet Gum Tree

– Katherine Allred

The story is set in small Southern towns. It begins with Alix French, an eight-year-old girl from a respectable family. She tries to help Nick Anderson (10 year old son of an abusive drunk), by healing his wounds. This one act would forever change their lives. Their bond was tested when tragedy struck and it failed to weather the storm. Alix, now 15 years old, is finally getting her life in order as she ends her divorce. She didn’t know Nick would come.

Alix’s plans to pretend he doesn’t exist when he returns home are quickly destroyed when she discovers his plans. These plans don’t include letting Alix slip through his hands a second. If you are interested in reading The Sweet Gum Tree, you will be amazed at the slow-burn second chance romance.

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