Song About Being A Mom For Your Playlist

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Many musicians have tributes to moms with beautiful, touching, and entertaining songs. Many artists, who also have children, celebrate being a mom and the whole of motherhood by writing songs with lyrics from their perspective.

Moms and Daughter Songs

Songs About Being A Mom For You Need For Your Playlist

It’s a beautiful song about having children, and how they change your life, and how you find a new way to love that you didn’t know before.

  • Keep You Safe
  • Big Love, Small Moments 
  • I Get To Be The One
  • Hand to Hold

It is about the true meaning of marriage, family, love, and family. It is about love and commitment to loved ones.

An amazing song with great, poetic lyrics set to a beautiful melody. It embodies the meaning of unconditional love.

Songs About Being A Mom Or Dad Of A Baby Girl

Brett Young wrote this song about the two “ladies” in his life: baby daughter Presley and wife Taylor Mills Young.

Kane Brown’s dad started a long prison sentence in 1996, meaning Brown grew up without his father in his life. This slow and sweet lullaby finds the singer promising Kingsley Rose she won’t have to worry about him being absent; he’ll be there for both the highs and lows in her life.

Ben Folds’ song for his daughter, Gracie

Thomas Rhett is the father to three girls, Willa Gray, Ada James, and Lennon Love. This song finds him addressing his daughters’ future suitors.

Colbie sings about a young, beautiful woman who is pregnant. Her daughter is everything she has and loves her dearly. Her child is a true angel and is rapidly growing. The mother is content with her child.

Songs About Being A Mom Or Dad Of A Baby Boy

  • Boy – Lee Brice

A song about a father conversing with his son about growing up in a man’s world and treating people right.

  • Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) – John Lennon

Lennon wrote this for his second son, Sean, who he had with Yoko Ono

  • Mama’s Boy – Ryan Griffin

A song about a son being a mama’s boy, which means he’s gotten his best qualities from his mama.

  • You Will Always Be My Son – Anthem Lights

This song is Caleb Grimm’s heartwarming tribute to his son. While he makes confident use of cheesy words, he skillfully eliminates any awkwardness with honesty and seriousness in each line. He also infuses the song with the most profound metaphors.

Special Songs About The Feeling Of Being a Mom Seeing Your Kids Growing Up

Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift - Never Grow Up

‘Never Grow Up’ is a song about the fact that I don’t quite know how I feel about growing up. It’s tricky. Growing up happens without you knowing it. Growing up is such a crazy concept because when you were younger, you wish you were older. I look out into a crowd every night, and I see a lot of girls that are my age going through exactly the same things as I’m going through.

Every once in a while, I look down and see a little girl who is seven or eight, and I wish I could tell her all of this. There she is becoming who she is going to be and forming her thoughts and dreams, and opinions. I wrote this song for those little girls.” – Taylor Swift.

Mothers – Thomas Finchum

This is a testimony to the hope that the world can change, and that these boys we are raising will one-day respect women as much as they love and respect their moms. It is amazing to see the bond between mom and son. As “Mothers” ends, the phrase “Do your best for them up” repeats repeatedly, almost like a prayer or a plea.

You’re Gonna Miss This – Trace Adkins

The song shows her journey from being a child driven to school by her mom to becoming a woman married to her father and having children. The woman in the song wanted to move on from every stage in her life. She is assured by the other characters that, even though she might not be aware at once, she will eventually lose out on important moments in her life. This makes her wish these “wishes hadn’t gone so quickly.”

Which Song Is Dedicated To Mother?

Mother’s Day is just one of many, many days that we should devote to our mothers. But this doesn’t stop you from looking for a sweet way to show your mom a little extra love. If you want to find a gift that is more than money can buy, there’s nothing quite like a song to say exactly what you’re feeling.

  • “The Best Day” by Taylor Swift

Like a home video in song form, Swift’s “The Best Day” is a sweet, simple reminder that you remember all of your “best days” with your mama.

  • “Mother” by Kacey Musgraves

A guaranteed tearjerker, Musgraves’ song is the perfect ballad for those of us who live far away from our moms this Mother’s Day.

“The Wish” by Bruce Springsteen

Live up to its title, this song is a reminder of where we’d be without our moms, Springsteen’s emotional ballad, “The Wish” starts with his mom getting him his first guitar and ends with his success. So, send this one to your biggest supporter.

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