Specially Adapted Housing Grants For Veterans With PTSD

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The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers Specially Adapted Housing Grants tailored for people with PTSD. This grant is for veterans and service personnel with service-related injuries. So, they can buy or modify homes that meet their needs. They can also renovate the house or add ramps and wider doors for wheelchair access.

The Specially Adapted Housing Grants

A soldier’s life is changed permanently once deployed, particularly for disabled war veterans. A service member returning from deployment with a significant or permanent injury sustained during service will face many challenges adjusting to civilian life.

The US army’s service members and veterans can receive a grant for specially adapted housing (SAH). This grant allows them to live a stress-free, liberating lifestyle. War veterans can have a way to live independently that might not be possible elsewhere.

This grant has a maximum amount of $100,896 at the moment. The maximum grant amount money is subject to adjustment each year. Therefore, you should visit the VA website to check the current grant limits under “Home Leans” or “Adapted housing”. VA offers a grant to veterans with PTSD for specially adapted housing so they can modify their homes or build them.

Verify that you meet the following criteria to be eligible for the VA’s specially adapted housing grant.

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A service member returning from deployment with a significant or permanent injury!
  • Loss or impairment of both legs, depending on whether you use crutches, wheelchairs crutches, crutches, or canes to assist mobility.
  • Blindness in both eyes, with 20/20 visual acuity in one eye and lower in the other.
  • A loss or impairment of one leg, residuals of an organic injury, disease, or the loss or impairment of one arm that affects balance or ability to move independently.
  • Loss or impairment of both arms at or above the elbows.
  • Severe burn injury

You are eligible to apply for a housing grant with VA for PTSD if you meet one or more of these criteria.

This grant is not the only one available for veterans who have suffered from service-related injuries or need artificial assistance to move about.

What Is A Special Housing Adaptation Grant?

Veterans would have their mobility in their own homes increased through the SHA. This grant is smaller and has a limit of US$ 20,215. (Check the VA website to see a revised maximum limit, as it is subject to adjustment annually).

Check to see if you qualify for the VA special housing adaptation grant (SHA) if you have specific service-related disabilities:

  • Loss or impairment of both arms below the elbow, or loss or inability to use them.
  • Some breathing and respiratory injuries
  • Severe burn injuries

You can get up to six times the grant money if you believe you are eligible for the VA’s special housing adaptation grant for PTSD and the VA’s special housing adaptation grant (SHA).

The grant recipient can use the money in accordance with your particular needs. There’s an option to leave some grant money unutilized for future purposes.

How To Apply For A Specially Adapted Housing Grant For PTSD?

Visit the Department of Veterans Affairs website to learn more about the application process and the eligibility criteria. Click on Housing Assistance, click on Disability Grants, and then click ‘how to Apply’.

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