21 Stylish Mommy Bags That Don’t Look Like Diaper Bags (Part 1)

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Diaper bags are a must-have item for all busy moms. However, gone are the days when carrying around a diaper bag for mommy meant transporting baby-themed luggage that was uncomfortable and awkward.

Look no further if you are looking for a stylish mommy bag to keep all these diapers but still doubles as a fashionable handbag or backpack. So, here are 20 elegant diaper bags for you to choose from.

stylish mommy bag

Stylish Mommy Bags Over $100 – Exquisite Quality

1. The Everyday Diaper Backpack

For style-conscious moms seeking a subtle yet functional solution, the Meethuhu.com diaper bag is a noteworthy contender. Its refined design complements your wardrobe while providing the practicality needed to handle your baby’s essentials. Explore the understated elegance of the Meethuhu.com diaper bag, and enjoy a harmonious blend of fashion and function in your day-to-day parenting journey.

Price Range: 195$

2. Strand Sprout Shoulder Bag

Herschel Strand Sprout Shoulder Bag, Raven Crosshatch, One Size, Strand  Sprout Shoulder Bag : Amazon.ca: Baby

While still holding true to the baby bag design, this attractive option does traditional style. Moreover, the Strand Sprout bag can be worn over the shoulder or hung from a stroller with a unique buckle design.

Price Range: 109.99$

3. Dakota Neoprene Backpack

Neoprene Backpack - Water-Resistant Backpacks | Dagne Dover

Another gender-neutral option is the Dakota Neoprene backpack. Its standout features are tear-resistant material, versatility, and minimalistic design.

Price Range: 145$

4. MomKindness Carry-all Tote

Momkindness Carry All Tote

Are you looking for something with extra storage space? The carry-all tote from MomKindness may be just what you need. This bag is made from easy-to-clean canvas and features a woven strap.

Price Range: 140$

5. Fjällräven Totepack No.4

Totepack No. 4 Wide

There’s nothing worse than organizing your bag, only to find that things have fallen out of their compartments. But, you will never have to worry about this with this No.4 Totepack, as it features zippable inner pockets.

Price Range: 137.95-145$

Did You Find Your Dream Bag? There are more!

6. Fawn Satchel Diaper Bag

The Fawn + Mandi Nelson Satchel Diaper Bag - Taupe – Fawn Design

Functionality meets modern minimalism in this fashionable diaper bag. Fawn Diaper Bags are available in three elegant colors. So, you are sure to be the talk of the town with this high-quality, versatile bag that is great for both mum and baby.

Price range: 169-199$

7. Mari Backpack

Mari Backpack

This Mari diaper bag has high-quality Ethiopian leather, so you are sure to get years of wear from this cute but sleek backpack. However, the downside is that this backpack is more expensive than other bags.

Price Range: 328$

8. Pivot Diaper Backpack

Pivot Pack in Black/Sand – Petunia Pickle Bottom

Are you looking for a visually attractive, everyday purse? If you want a bag not only for your mommy life but also trendy enough to carry on any other event, this one may be the one for you!

Price Range: 180.49$

9. Kinney Diaper Bag

Kinney Backpack (Vegan) – Mina Baie

Whether out on the town or on a play date with your child, this fashion-forward bag from Mina Baie is sure to serve you well. Moreover, made from vegan leather, this bag is surely trendy and environmentally friendly.

Price Range: 189$ (shipping to Canada and USA)

10. Be Right Back Backpack

Why I'm obsessed with my Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back diaper backpack

Unlike most options on this list, you aren’t limited in patterns and colors with this stylish baby bag. So now, JuJube brings various choices to the mommy to care not only for her child but also for herself.

Price Range: 175$ (some colors might have sale-off up to 60%)

Mid-end Trendy Mommy Bag

11. Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Backpack

Skip Hop Greenwich Simply Chic Diaper Backpack

This backpack isn’t just a stylish and functional diaper bag. Skip Hop Diaper Backpack is also made from vegan leather and comes complete with stroller straps for easy storage and transportation.

Price Range: 92.59-99.99$

12. State Bags Wellington Baby Bag

A wipeable lining and detachable inner pouches for storing the baby’s essential items make this baby bag an attractive choice for single moms on the go. The Wellington Bag family is very popular and sold out quickly.

Price Range: 77.5$-145$

13. Kibou Fanny Pack – Minimal Diaper Bag

Kibou Vegan Leather Fanny Pack Diaper Bag | Blush

Sometimes storing everything around the waist can change everything for the busy mom. And now, you can do this with this stylish fanny pack. Kibou Fanny Pack is the trendy Minimal Diaper Bag for mommy.

Price Range: 79-103$ (There are also some accessories that cost under 20$)

14. Flex Convertible Diaper Bag

All Things NEW - Introducing the Flex Convertible & Sojourn Backpack D –  Baby K'tan Online Store

This convenient diaper bag can be worn in several ways and features a cute but functional design.

Price Range: 99.99$ (however, now having a sale-off of 50% so the price is 49.99$)

15. Raphael Heart Diaper Bag

Raphael Hearth Diaper Bag

When you’re not using it to store baby’s essentials, this cute Raphael Heart bag can double as a weekend bag.

Price Range: 96$

Most Affordable Mommy Bags

16. Morgan Quilted Diaper Backpack

Amazon.com : Fisher Price Diaper Bag Backpack - Signature Collection, with  Cell Phone and Tablet Pockets and Stroller Clips (Black) : Baby

The Morgan Quilted design and gold detailing of this modern diaper bag make it an excellent investment for those who want a diaper bag that can be used for many years. Plus, it comes in four attractive colors.

Price Range: 44.99$

17. The Modern Snap Backpack from Everlane

This Snap Backpack contains storage for everything you need, including a water-resistant exterior and two pockets on the side to be used for holding bottles. 

Price Range: 45$

18. Herschel Barnes Tote

herschel barnes tote bag,www.hotelsobrado.com

If you are hunting for something to double as camping gear, you may fall in love with the outdoorsy design of this Herschel Barnes tote that comes with a lifetime warranty and a water-resistant exterior.

Price Range: $80

19. Soho Diaper Satchel

SoHo Satchel

If this is your first child, you may want to invest in a diaper bag that lasts you long. 7am Enfant, a reputable company, makes this Soho diaper satchel, so you have the assurance of years of wear.

Price Range: 75-85$

20. Rosie Pope Highbury Hill Diaper Bag Backpack

ROSIE POPE Highbury Hill Backpack Diaper Bag, Pink : Amazon.ca: Baby

If a drawstring diaper bag is what you have been looking for, then look no further. This Rosie Pope even comes with a changing pad and a bottle cooler for added convenience.

Price Range: Not available online

21. Anthropologie Gwendolyn Diaper Bag

Anthropologie + Gwendolyn Diaper Backpack

With five inner pockets, you are sure to have enough space to store everything you need in this multi-functional baby backpack.

Price Range: 72$

Final Thoughts

Diaper bags are designed for parents and not for kids, so you are free to choose a bag that suits your needs and preferences. Selecting a stylish baby bag ensures that you get to use it for several years, even after your baby has grown.

So, we recommend shopping at the Fawn Design collection which has stylish bags sure to meet your style and functionality needs.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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