Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI)

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About TAFI in Idaho

The Temporary Assistance for Families in Idaho (TAFI) offers temporary cash assistance and work preparation service to low-income families in Idaho for up to 24 months.

A low-income family of three has household income about $389 a month.

Extended Cash Assistance (ECA) may be available to families after finishing 24 months with TAFI, providing them another 36 months of cash assistance.

Eligible families for TAFI in Idaho can access their money through two methods:

  1. Firstly, the money will be directly deposited into bank account
  2. And secondly, access it from a debit-like card at an ATM, or wherever EBT is accepted.

Frequently Asked Questions about TAFI in Idaho

How much is TANF in Idaho? 

The benefits you receive from TANF largely depend on your family’s income and size. A non-working family of three can receive $309 monthly from Idaho.


Start your application online through Idaho’s self-service portal used to apply for public assistance, IdaLink. However, they require work-eligible applicants to participate in job search activities to get the approval of the application.

How Do I Apply For Tanf In Idaho

What are the requirements for TANF?

Work requirements:
To receive cash assistance, applicants must participate in the Employment and Training Program. Participating in the program also provides access to tools they need to obtain employment. Moreover, it provide resources for furthering education, or other supports to help meet financial goals.

Child Support Services:
So, if applicants have a situation where a child on TAFI program should receive child support, they have to cooperate with Child Support Services. This is to continue receiving TAFI payments.

Child Support Services

Call 1-877-456-1233 to find out if you qualify. 

TAFI requires all work-eligible applicants to participate in Enhanced Work Services (EWS) Program at a specified number of hours a week. The EWS also provides essential services to help participants get into employment.

Who qualifies for AABD?

The Aid for Aged, Blind and Disabled (AABD) Program offers temporary cash assistance to seniors and those with disabilities. So, single person receives a small payment of $53 a month to assist with everyday living.

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