Tennessee Special Milk Program

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The Special Milk Program in Tennessee allows single moms to provide a supplement of food for their kids. This program provides milk to children in eligible camps, schools, and childcare facilities that don’t participate in any other Federal meal service program for child nutrition.

The Special Milk Program is only available to schools that already offer the National School Lunch Program or School Breakfast Program. The program reimburses institutions and schools for the milk that they provide.

Program Requirements

All children can receive milk as long as they are studying in a school or an institution that is part of the Special Milk Program. Schools can choose to provide free milk to children with low-income parents. This benefit is only available to residents of Tennessee.

Application Process

To apply, single moms should contact their child’s childcare facility or school to see if they participate in the Special Milk Program. The Federal Agency Child Nutrition Programs administers this program. Find more information about this program on their webpage.

Application Process

Program Contact Information

Contact Sarah White, State Director, of the State Department of Education office through email at: sarah.c.white@state.tn.us. Call 615-532-4744 with any questions about the SMP. You can also contact the local school district to learn more about how you can receive Tennessee Special Milk Program Benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Tennessee Special Milk Program work? 

In general, public and nonprofit private schools with students in grades up to and including high school, as well as public and nonprofit private residential childcare institutions, and camps that qualify, may participate in this program, provided they are not participating in any other Federal meal service programs for children, except in the cases noted above. 

The U.S. Department of Agriculture reimburses participating schools and institutions for every half-pint of milk they serve. The milk program must be operated on a not-for-profit basis. They agree to reduce the price of milk for all children by using Federal reimbursement. The Tennesee Special Milk Program is available to any child in a participating preschool or school. Depending on the program option chosen by their school, children can either buy milk or get it for free.

What types of milk do they offer and what are the nutritional requirements for the milk program? 

The milk must be pasteurized and fat-free or low-fat (1%). All State and local standards must be met by these milk. All kinds of milk should contain vitamins A and D in the amounts specified by FDA.

What Types Of Milk Do They Offer And What Are The Nutritional Requirements For The Milk Program
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