The Cost of IVF and 4 Grants for IVF in Arizona

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IVF grants are available in Arizona to cover the costs of treatment. So, this is a great option for couples who are struggling with infertility. IVF grants can cover the treatment cost, and also include visits and diagnostic testing. Individuals with infertility problems might be able to take advantage of these grants. Accordingly, they can also realize their dream of starting a family.

Infertility can be a very stressful experience. It is also difficult to find a cost-effective and affordable treatment plan in Arizona.

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IVF can be a very stressful and costly experience.

The Cost of IVF Treatment Plan in Arizona

IVF is very expensive in Arizona. The cost of IVF in Arizona is approximately $13,000 to $15,000. However, this does not include medication or additional specialized services. To be exact, the cost for IVF treatment in each city is around:

  • Phoenix – $ 10,000
  • Tucson – $10,000
  • Mesa – $9,000
  • Chandler – $9,000
  • Scottsdale – $ 9,000

Notice: These costs do not include fresh cycle medication, diagnostic testing, subsequent freeze embryo transfers, frozen cycles medications, annual storage fees, or any other expenses.

The Cost Of Ivf Treatment Plan In Arizona

IVF and Fertility Insurance Coverage in Arizona

The provision of infertility is mandatory in insurance plans in 17 states. However, Arizona is not included on this list. This means that Arizona insurance does not cover the cost of IVF treatment or infertility treatment. So, the patient will then look for financial assistance, such as loans, grants, and treatment plans.

IVF Grants in Arizona – Where to Apply?

It is important to verify the treatment costs when looking for grants to help with fertility treatment. It is also important to evaluate all options then choose the one that meets your needs.

1. Mishpacha Project-Fertility Assistance Grants

Congregation Beth Israel, a Reform Jewish Congregation in Arizona has the Mishpacha Project Fertility Assistance Grants to assist families with infertility.

Fertility assistance grants can be used to cover the high cost of many procedures. So, the grants allow project members to build a family and get advanced fertility treatments such as Intrauterine Insemination or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). For more information, visit Congregation Beth Israel.

2. Bloom Reproductive Institute – ARC Network Member

Bloom Reproductive Institute strives for excellence and success in clinical outcomes. So in Scottsdale and Gilbert cities, they offer compassionate and personalized care.

IVF is now more affordable and accessible for all with the discounted treatment packages, fertility medication, and financing options. For more information, visit Arc Fertility page.

3. Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS)

ARMS knows that infertility treatment can seem overwhelming. That is why it has programs that can help you with fertility treatment such as:

  • Shared Hope IVF Program at ARMS – The Shared Hope Program aids in reducing IVF costs. In short, when eggs are donated by Donor Egg Bank USA, a $1,500 grant is available for the first IVF cycle. For more information, visit Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS) Page.
  • Shared Help Program at ARMS – IVF treatment is necessary and deserves to be offered to those who don’t have the financial resources. So ARMS makes sure financial assistance is available based on financial need. For more information, visit Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists (ARMS).
  • Gentle IVF – This medical procedure is at a lower cost by 50%.
  • Single Cycle IVF Program – The cost of the program is $8,900. This includes ultrasounds, egg retrieval, IVF monitoring, and other costs.
  • Military IVF Discount – IVF costs $5500 for military personnel, which offers savings of 52%.
  • First Responder IVF Discount – Members of the police and fire departments pay $5,500 for IVF related treatments.
  • Refund Program – The clinic will refund 100% if treatment is unsuccessful as per the ARMS money back policy.
  • Free Consultations – Specialists discuss the concerns and questions of patients before they begin treatment. Also, the first consultation is always free.

4. Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health

They provide life-changing fertility treatments and they can help you explore financing options, including grants for fertility treatments. For more information, visit this Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health.

Grants for IVF in Arizona can help with fertility treatments

Infertility can be devastating for all socioeconomic groups, regardless of race, religion, or ethnicity. On the other hand, a desire to start a family is part of one’s identity. But infertility can have devastating effects on one’s finances, emotional health, and physical well-being.

Arizona does not provide coverage for fertility medical treatments. However, IVF grants in Arizona can help you access fertility preservation and treatment services. So, please read the criteria before applying!

For other grants in Arizona, especially for Single Moms, you can visit our article Grants for Single Mothers in Arizona.

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