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The Kickass Single Mom Grant

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Do you want to boost your forward-moving momentum as a single mom? The Kickass Single Mom Grant could grant you $1,000. However, your story must be positive, showing how badass you are as a single mom, and it doesn’t have to be a sob story. It should be an excellent example of progress and making positive changes in the world. This grant is for you if this sounds appealing.

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What Is The Kickass Single Mom Grant?

Emma Johnson of Wealthy Single Mommy, gives away a $1,000 grant each month to one lucky winner via her Kickass single mom grant. This grant is for single moms who are focused on making a positive difference in the lives of their family and community. This grant is available to support any endeavor that shows promise of success. It can be used for community and business initiatives, family projects or charitable causes.

kickass single mom grant
Are you a kickass single mom?

The money can be used to help them reach financial independence and become a role model for their children. This grant has two goals. While part of its purpose is to support single women in their amazing endeavors, the other part is about highlighting single moms in order to inspire and uplift others.

There is also the Stimulus Kickass Single Mother Grant that can help in times of struggles with: money, health, stress, childcare, illness, and loneliness

How to Apply for The Kickass Single Mom Grant

Although the application process is 100% online and relatively straightforward, it will take some effort. This grant is only for kickass mothers, so you’ll have to prove why you are worthy. Here are a list of questions/descriptions you must answer to apply, aside from the basics like name and address:

  • If applicable, provide information about your home, such as how many children live with you at-home and your custody situation.
  • You can link to your social media profiles, blogs, and websites.
  • A description of how you will pay the grant forward in some manner in the future.
  • A short essay about how the money will be used if you win it, and why you are worthy to be the recipient.
  • Any other information that you feel may be of help to you in winning the grant/

These are some tips to help you get this grant. You must present something that is moving forward. This grant does not accept any as-yet-unfinished undertakings. This means that you must have started the project you are applying for grant money. It is important to be very specific about the purpose of the grant money and how it will benefit you. If you want to win the grant, it is important that you tell them how you will pay it back in one way or the other.

Scholarship For Single Mother

Kickass single mothers grant recipients can use the money for education, advancement, or to start a business. This gives them financial freedom and is a great role model for their children. The grant has two purposes and while part of it is about supporting single women in their amazing endeavors, the other half is about highlighting single mothers to inspire and uplift others.

Who is Emma Johnson?

When Emma Johnson noticed a need for inspiration, information, and community for professional single moms like her, she established in 2012. It was immediately popularized by women in their thousands who connected. There is a large community with approximately ten million unwed mother heads and 57 percent non-marital newborns. is a place for these unmarried ladies to network, connect, and inspire each other. This is a place to start a family, grow your career, or simply enjoy life. Emma has been featured in many publications, including radio and television features on the New York Times and Parents magazine.

In summary, The Kickass Single Mom Grant from is a great opportunity to connect with other single mothers on many different fronts. You can get support, networking opportunities, and grant money. Although it is easy to apply, you will need to take some time explaining all the details. To see past recipients, you can go to their website and apply for your chance to win $1,000.

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