The Sleepover Checklist for Kids

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Are you unsure what to bring to sleepovers or a camping backyard party? No matter if your children are attending a backyard or indoor sleepover, we have the ultimate sleepover checklist of what to bring.

It can be difficult to decide what to bring to sleepovers. It’s difficult to know the difference between packing too many things for your child’s sleepover, and not packing enough for their needs. These slumber party tips will make your sleepover successful!

Tips for Packing Things for a Sleepover Checklist:

Tips for Packing Things for a Sleepover
What to pack for your kids sleepover?
  1. For information on what children should bring to sleepovers, please consult the host. If you don’t see the details on the invitation to the sleepover party, don’t be afraid to contact the host.
  2. Ask the host of the slumber party if your child requires anything extra. (Will they be outside? Are sleeping bags necessary for children?
  3. A good sleepover bag for kids is a great choice. If the backpack is large enough to fit everything, you can use it as a kid’s sleepover bag. You can also use your weekend getaway duffles. You can send your children stuff in a grocery store bag, but not in a used grocery cart bag.
  4. Be light! You don’t have to be crazy for an overnight party in pajamas.
  5. Make sure to bring your essentials for sleepovers such as toothpaste and toothbrush.
  6. Ask your child what one item they would love to have.
  7. You can show your children where everything is stored, or let them pack. This will allow them to not have to dig through their overnight bags to find the one item they need.

Kids Sleepover Bag

You’ll need a good sleeping bag or a large backpack before you pack for a sleepover. You can even get personalized sleepover bags to ensure that your child’s stuff isn’t mixed up with other kids’ stuff. If your children have a backpack that has multiple compartments, it will be great for pajama parties, especially if they are only going for one night. Children overnight bags don’t need to be fancy, but they can be fun! ).

You can adjust your list to suit their age if you are unsure what to bring to a sleepover with 12 year-olds, 10 years olds, or teenagers.

The Sleepover Checklist for Moms to Pack for their Kids

Sleepover Checklist for Moms
  • Pillow
  • Blanket or sleeping bag
  • Pajamas for sleepovers (appropriate to the season)
  • One complete change of clothes
  • Extra socks
  • Extra underwear (accidents happen!)
  • Favorite blanket (or stuffed animal)
  • Brush
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • All bathroom necessities
  • One wrapped snack (if you’re allowed by the host of the party in pajamas, bring one for everyone!)
  • Water bottle filled with ice-cold water
  • Small flashlight
  • Phone and charger (if they own a phone, include a note with their phone number and email address)
  • Book or small toy for children who are bored or awake during the night.
  • Special needs or medication information and instructions for the sleepover parent host
  • You can get special items for your children to sleep (e.g., a non-scratchy pillow case or Woof Woof a stuffed bunny).

You don’t have to worry about the essentials of a sleepover for your child. Make sure you also include some fun party supplies!

Additional Things to Bring If Your Child Wants To

  • Packed snacks like fruit snacks
  • Suckers
  • Card games
  • At the pajama party, everyone will enjoy fun socks
  • Mini bubbles (consult the host before you order!)
  • Get a few inexpensive flashlights and headlamps.
  • Pajama party activities like an origami or paper plane pack
  • Party pack Light Up

Please check with the parents hosting a sleepover before you send fun sleepover favors to everyone. Even better? Ask the parents if they have any special food or snacks you could bring to the sleepover.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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