Toxic Daughter Signs or Normal Development That You Need to Know As A Mother

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Toxic behavior refers to any behavior that is harmful to others. A toxic person can’t see their own toxic behavior because they aren’t able to objectively observe it. It’s always a good idea for someone to check their toxicity from others before accusing them. Especially if you are a mother, knowing signs of a toxic daughter is important in parenting.

There are signs that teenage girls are likely to experience these toxic traits. Therefore, keep in mind that these are signs of toxicity for adult daughters to avoid confusion. If you see these signs on your teenage daughter, she is not toxic. She’s just going through normal developmental phases.

Contemptuous: Toxic Daughter Signs

Contemptuous: Toxic Daughter Signs
Is she playful or is she really disrespectful?

Disrespect is a mixture of intense dislike and disrespect. It’s an indication of hatred or a lack of respect for your values and opinions. To make it worse, a toxic daughter will say things that are hurtful to you repeatedly. She will criticize you harshly and make you feel bad.

Is Selfishness One of Toxic Daughter Signs?

Our genes are programmed to be selfish. However, we can overcome that selfishness by empathizing with others to make our relationships thrive. Toxic daughters are unable to empathize and they’re narcissistic. They are only concerned about their well-being and needs. You will have to be convincing them to give you something if you want it.


She learned long ago that dominating is the best way to get her way. To get you to comply, she uses threats and yelling. Noticing that dominant is different with intimidating.

She Scolds You

Toxic daughters will blame you for everything wrong in their lives, even if it is not justified. She will make every negative thing happen to her your fault.

Manipulative Tactics May Be Misunderstood One of Toxic Daughter Signs

She will use manipulative tactics to get her way if she realizes that dominating is not a good strategy. She might be charming and sweet when she needs your help, but then she will return to her rude self.


Sons who are toxic show aggression. Men are more direct with their aggression. However, toxic daughters are more indirect in their aggression. They display passive-aggressive behavior like not returning calls or texts and ‘forgetting to do’ what you asked.

Behaves like a teenager

Behaves like a teenager

These signs may be present in teenage girls, but they should not persist beyond teenage. Unresolved issues or resentments can lead to an adult daughter verbally abusing you and throwing temper tantrums.

Jealous Maybe A Normal Development, Not Toxic Daughter Signs

You may feel jealousy if your daughter is also a mother. This is especially true if you are still young and have not lost your mind. Women naturally compare their beauty and youth to one another. A woman can feel jealous of a more beautiful woman. Jealousy can become toxic if you act on it. She might say, for example:

A woman can feel jealous of a more beautiful woman
A woman can feel jealous of a more beautiful and happier woman.
  • “I am way more beautiful than yours.”
  • “Your skin is so wrinkly.”
  • “I have better hair than you.”

Although you may dismiss these as innocuous comments, a part of you wonders why she would compare herself to you.

Accuses You of Jealousy

You might be accused by her of jealousy of her youth, beauty, romance partner, and career success. She will blame your jealousy if you don’t agree with her choices. She won’t ask you why.

She Ignores You After Her Marriage

Although it is normal for couples to prioritize their spouses after marriage, neglecting your parents could indicate toxicity.

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