Ideas For Transforming The Wedding Ring After Divorce

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What do you do with your wedding ring after a divorce? It’s a question that many women ask themselves.

You probably won’t want to sell your wedding ring because, even after a divorce, you’ll want to honor and remember such an important part of your life. And if you have children, and your ex is their father, you might want to pass on your ring as an heirloom piece.

However, that doesn’t mean the ring has to stay in its original form. Jewelers can transform your wedding ring into another item of jewelry, which you can then wear yourself or pass on to your kids. So, here are some beautiful ideas for transforming your wedding ring after a divorce.

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Turn Your Wedding Ring Into A Beautiful Necklace

Whether your ex bought you a wedding ring like one of these customizable Ruby rings or you have a wedding ring that includes a diamond or another type of precious stone or is a simple band, one of the best ideas for upcycling your ring after a divorce is to turn it into a beautiful necklace.

By having a necklace, you can still wear the ring if you wish to, and when it hangs around your neck, you won’t actually see it like you would when the ring was on your finger.

Therefore, a ring that’s turned into a necklace is ideal for moving on from the past but maintaining a memory of your marriage. Necklaces that use repurposed wedding rings can also be lovely items to pass on as heirlooms.

Turn Your Wedding Ring Into A Beautiful Necklace
Ring to necklace, why not?

A jeweler could remove the stone from your ring and place it inside a pendant. You could even reuse the gold, silver, or other material of the band to create the pendant that holds the stone.

Plus, there are multiple types of setting options available, so you can easily transform your wedding ring into a brand-new-looking necklace.

Create A Gorgeous Bracelet Using Your Wedding Ring’s Center Stone

Another option to keep the memory of your past relationship alive without having to see your original ring every time you wear it is to create a bracelet using your ring’s center stone.

A wedding ring gemstone can look absolutely gorgeous as part of a bracelet, whether you combine it with other stones or simply set it in the gold or silver of the bracelet.

Buy A Similar Gemstone To The One On Your Wedding Ring To Create A Pair Of Stunning Earrings

Perhaps one of the best options for transforming your wedding ring after a divorce is to buy a matching gemstone and use the two stones in a bespoke pair of earrings.

A Pair Of Stunning Earrings

That way, you can combine the old with the new. Thus, you can keep the memory of your marriage alive but also show yourself that you have moved on and are embracing new times.

Whether your ring contains a diamond, a ruby, a black pearl, or another stone, any kind of gemstone will make an ideal choice for an earring.

Just make sure that you buy a similar gemstone to the one in your wedding ring. For instance, if you own a diamond wedding ring, look for a diamond that has the same color, clarity, carat, shape, and cut quality as the one in your ring.

Turn Your Wedding Ring Into Several Pieces Of Jewelry After Divorce

If your wedding ring features multiple gemstones, you have the option of creating several pieces of jewelry from your ring.

If you’re intending to pass on the stones as heirlooms, and you have several children, this can be a great option to ensure each of your kids receive an equal share of your wedding ring stones. You could also melt down the gold or silver to reuse in new items of jewelry or to make some money to pay for the pieces that you transform your wedding ring into.

Of course, if you feel like it only bring you bad memory and you want to sell the wedding ring, you totally can. However, this is also a big decision because marriage is a milestone in life.

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