What To Expect As a New Mom

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Everyone adjusts to having a baby. Here are the six weeks that a mom had to endure as a new mother and her advice for parents. Parents will experience many ups, downs and ups in the first six weeks of having a newborn. It can be intense and then it is over and it’s gone.

Week One as a New Mom

Day One at Home: Bringing Your Baby Home 

The first thing you’ll want to do once you’ve gone home is to set your sleeping baby in his/her crib and watch him/her sleep soundly. But you’ll have the urge to take a bath but it would of course be difficult. 

Then, you’ll return to your son/daughter and try to breastfeed. People say that breastfeeding isn’t painful, it would be at first. And it would be difficult to help him/her through it.

Day Two: Wanting Sleep

New Parents, especially new mom, can be exhausting. But even with mommy hormones, your lack of sleep would catch up to you. You never know what’ll happen the next day. So, it’s best to get as much sleep as you can. 

Day Three: Feeding Frenzy

New Mom feeding frenzy

You’ll start your day feeding your baby and you’ll have to burp him/her after. Your partner should help you prepare breakfast and take care of your baby as you pick yourself up from the exhaustion of birthing and taking care of your baby. 

Your baby will then be ready for another meal before she goes to sleep. Your body hasn’t recovered from all the stress it underwent, so don’t guilt yourself about the way you look right now.

Day Four: Taking Care of Your Baby Without Your Partner

Your partner might need to come back to work, and since it isn’t advised to take the paid-leave at the same time, you’re left alone with your baby. It’s best if you have a family that can help you through it.

Day Five: Frustration!

New Mom frustration
Frustration is inevitable, but it comes with joy!!

Your partner works all day, and it may seem frustrating that he/she sleeps right away after a tiring work without helping you. But you’ll have to understand that you both need rest and he/she should be aware that taking care of your baby is as tiring as work. So, talk about the rest schedule and make sure both of you get enough rest. 

Week Two as a New Mom

Routine Begins

You’ll start to see a routine and be able to keep up with it by this time. Your baby’s umbilical cord stump may also be broken off by now, so keep it for remembrance. 

The Crying Continues

Nights are the hardest, even swaddling – something your baby might feel comfortable sleeping in – doesn’t work as well as you expected it. 

More Family Arrives

More families would want to see the new addition to the family. They’ll be able to help you take care of your baby for a short while.

Week Three as a New Mom

Fluctuating Hormones

Your baby would start grasping things. Your body should be healing well but your hormones might still be raging. Crying out of nowhere might shock the people around you, it might even shock you.

The First Bath

You’ll finally have the courage to give your baby his/her first bath in a tub. This may be difficult for you because you’re probably worried about your baby getting cold. Your baby is still fragile by this time, so you’ll have to gently do this.

Week Four as a New Mom

Feeling Like a Mom

New Mom feelings

Even if it feels like you’ve been nursing for a long time, this is the time where everything would probably sink in. Your partner might still be sleeping after work right away and still hasn’t followed what you two talked about you two having good rest. 

Be patient, and it’s okay to be angry at him/her right now. Your hormones aren’t balanced and you can’t control your emotions that well yet.

Explosive Encounters

Babies can’t control how messy they can be, so, it’s expected that you’ll do laundry often. They might make an explosive diaper, or make a projectile spit up.

Week Five as a New Mom

More Mommy Milestones

You’ll have more mommy milestones by this time around. You’ll be able to do things that you weren’t able to do for the past few weeks.

More Baby Milestones, Too

Your baby would probably smile by this time. He/She would want to use her play mat and take naps in his/her bassinet. Take your baby for a doctor’s appointment to learn more about what you should do and learn more about how your baby is doing.

Week Six as a New Mom

Life Resumes

It’s the best time to establish a bedtime routine, by signaling your baby it’s night after a change of clothes. He/She’ll be able to play with toys by now and would sometimes roll from his/her stomach to his/her back. 

This is the time where you’ll feel like you’re getting the hang of things. Just always keep in mind that parenting is hard, and you don’t have to punish yourself for feeling exhausted because it really is. Appreciate that your baby is healthy, and love him/her with all your heart.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!