Where To Sell Broken TV For Cash When You Need

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Like other electronic devices, televisions can be damaged or broken by many factors. It is important to understand what to do if your television breaks. You have to decide if you want to send it to the landfill or if you prefer to make some money selling it to people who will use it. You can repair or replace your TV if it is damaged or broken. However, this will usually result in a high repair cost. And as a single mother, you know that you don’t have that kind of expense to spare. So, if you are strapping for cash, where can you sell broken TV when you need?

Can My Broken TV Fetch Me Some Cash?

Can My Broken TV Fetch Me Some Cash?
Broken, but not too broken! Sometimes you should throw it instead of selling it!

You don’t have to throw away your TV if it breaks. You can still sell it and make some extra money. However, it is difficult to sell broken TVs, but it is possible if there are dealers near you. Also, recycling modern TVs can be difficult. This is because many companies will not buy them. Additionally, it is difficult to sell a TV that has been damaged.

You can still sell broken or cracked TVs for a few cents. You might have problems with the TV’s turn-on, cracking screen, or damage to the speakers. Sometimes the LCD screen may have a defect or crack and you are unable to watch the TV. Dealers buy these sets so don’t panic if yours is damaged. You just need to create a product description, and explain the problem on the TV.

You can sell your TV to a recycling company and buy a new one. It is much cheaper than replacing it, which can be costly.

How To Describe The Condition Of Your Broken Tv

You must describe the condition of a TV that is broken to someone you are selling it to. It is necessary to say:

  • If the TV switches on
  • If your screen is damaged or has stopped working,
  • If the microphone works,
  • If the speaker is not working
  • What does the TV do when it is turned on?

What is the Value When You Sell Your Broken Tv?

Broken TVs can have many issues that must be addressed. It can be donated, sold, or recycled. You’ll probably ask yourself how much you can make from the sale of your TV. Additionally, a TV damaged in an accident will be worth less depending on its condition and model. A TV that is damaged will get you very little money, depending on its condition.

How Can I Sell My Broken TV And Get Maximum Cash From It?

Assess The Value of Your TV

Assess The Value of Your TV

It is cheaper to buy small TVs than it is to sell an older model. You can choose to donate the TV in this situation.

Consider Its Warranty When You Want to Sell Your Broken TV

A TV that is damaged does not necessarily mean it should be sold. Sometimes, the warranty on a broken TV may still apply. This means that you can exchange it or take it to a repair shop for repairs. You may also be eligible for extended warranties and insurance that covers certain consumer services.

Most warranties do not cover the same damage to your TV. Before you sell your broken TV for scrappy prices, make sure to read all the fine print. It is best to sell your TV if it has outlived its warranty and get some value. If the TV is newer and less than a decade old, it may be worth selling.

Find Out Who Buys TVs near me

After going through everything, you can sell damaged or broken TVs. It will be much easier to locate the place where your TV will be sold.

Make a Detailed Listing

  • When and where did you buy the TV?
  • How often do TVs get used?
  • Its technical problems
  • Selling price
  • When was the last time you updated firmware?

Do not simply copy and paste features from the manufacturer.

Take Clear Photos Of The TV

Photos can be used to verify to potential buyers that the listing is true and the deal is genuine. The TV is on, so take pictures. Take a picture of the input jacks as well as the remote control.

Erase Your Credentials

Log out of all apps that you have been using. To erase all settings or logins, you can also reset factory settings.

Where To Sell A Broken TV For Cash Near Me

No matter what type of television you have, it doesn’t really matter if your TV is flat-screen, flat-screen, LCD, LED or curved. All types of televisions can be broken down and sold to make some extra cash. This is a list that you can use to sell your broken TV in case it breaks.

Online Platforms To Sell A Broken TV


eBid to sell broken tv

eBid allows you to sell any item you own online in a variety of categories. It operates in a similar way to eBay. Despite eBid being unpopular in the marketing industry, it is highly-reviewed. You can easily sell your old TV on this site.

eBid is different from other marketing websites in how it conducts its operations. There are membership-level categories on the platform. The basic seller account is for casual sellers. This account is free.

If you fall below the basic seller level, the only cost you will have to pay is the final value fees. This is typically a small percentage from the sales amount.


eBay allows you to list unlimited items and up to 50 items free of charge. eBay has more than 182,000,000 active users. Due to the large membership, your chances of selling your TV within a short time are high when you list it on eBay. If you don’t want to pay shipping fees, you can set your own price and specify that the TV is available for pickup locally.

You should ensure that the price you are setting is fair. Otherwise, it might be difficult to find a seller to buy your TV. Compare your TV to other similar products at the same time to find a price that is affordable.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform that allows you to buy and sell local items. This marketplace can be used to help you find a buyer if you have a TV that is broken. You will need to upload photos of your TV, along with its specifications, damage and location. The price at which you are selling the TV must be stated.



GreenBuyback, an online marketing platform, allows you to resell old electronics and flat-screen TVs that are damaged. You can log in to their official website to choose the item you wish to sell. Once you have chosen the product type you want to sell, you will need to provide a detailed description about the product’s condition. You will receive a proposal price from the site for your TV.


Craigslist is another option if you are looking to sell your TV. You can search for potential buyers near you on the site. Many people have reported buying TVs and other electronic items on Craigslist. You are more likely to find someone if your TV is listed here.

Additionally, you don’t need to pay any fees to sell on craigslist. When you list your television on this site, you will need to give a detailed description of its condition. After that you will receive a quote.


Backflip allows users to quickly sell any type of electronic device. You can sell your phone, tablet, laptop, or laptop on the platform. This is how the site works: You’re supposed to declare what you’re selling. Backflip will then offer you a product. Backflip will then make an offer for the product and pay the shipping costs. Then, all transactions are completed and processed within one week by the site.


The 5miles website offers a wide variety of categories for users to free-of-charge sell or repair TVs. You can post your TV here for sale. Additioanlly, you get 100% of the price for your TV, and they won’t charge you anything. 


SellCell.com, the largest U.S. price comparison site, allows you to sell your old, broken TVs, phones and tablets. This site compares all the sites that sell used and old items. This site will save you time and effort that you would have spent visiting each site individually to find the best price for your TV.

Sellcell.com guarantees you the best TV deal so that you get the most from your purchase. They will give you twice the difference in price if you sell your TV and get a higher price on another site. You can also see the ratings of other companies that have purchased used items.


Shpock, a mobile app that lets you sell your broken TV for free, also allows you to buy and sell other items. You can sell or buy any item that you want. Shpock does not charge fees for transactions and sales made on its platform. Therefore, you get all the profits from any broken TV that you sell.


Gizmogo allows you to sell almost any electronic item on the internet. They purchase mobile phones, tablets, laptops and cameras as well as TVs. Gizmogo has competitive prices on all products they sell, so you can get a great deal on your TV. You don’t have to pay shipping costs and they offer free shipping. They will erase all your TV data and pay you quickly, often within one day.

Buyback Boss

Buyback Boss allows you to sell your old electronics online. You can sell any electronic, even a broken TV, with Buyback Boss. Buyback Boss has a great reputation for purchasing used devices. It is rated A+ on Better Business Bureau, and has received 4.8 stars from Trustpilot reviews.


Did you know that Amazon allows you to sell any item? If you own a TV that is broken and you want to sell it, Amazon might be able to help you. You can also sell any item, not just electronics. Amazon will give you gift certificates in return. Or you can choose cash.

You will need to search for your TV and click the “sell on Amazon” button. You will be charged a listing fee and a percentage of the sale price if the TV is sold.


ClassifiedAds.com allows you to post your TV for sale on another website. They will allow you to list electronics and other items free of charge. Although you have the right to set your own price, it’s important to be competitive in order to sell the TV. Otherwise, you might not get a buyer. In the way they operate, it is very similar to Craigslist.


VarageSale, an online platform for local sellers and buyers, is available. You have the option to sell any item you want, even your TV. Your TV can be listed at Garage Sale to be sold there.

Target Stores

NextWorth powers Target Stores. You can list and sell your devices on the site. There you will list your TV and wait for someone else to bid. Because it is used by multiple people, there are many chances for similar bids.


OfferUp has merged with LetGo to offer the best online selling experience for used items. You can post your damaged TV here and have it sold to someone in your area.


You can sell any electronic device with Decluttr After entering the barcode, Decluttr will send you an offer. If you agree to the deal, you will be directed to mail the TV. After that, you will receive payment.


OLX, an online listing company based out of the Netherlands, is available in over 30 countries worldwide, including the USA. You can list the products on the platform using a mobile app on the apple and google play stores. Not all TVs that are broken can be listed on the service.

Before a Television can be listed on the platform, it must meet certain conditions. This means that you can’t sell scrap. Your TV should be at the very least repairable. Registering on OLX and listing your products is easy. Snap the TV and post it with a clear description. Wait for a call from potential buyers.


SellShark allows you to sell your used or broken Apple devices from anywhere in the US. This means that you cannot sell any other TV model except an apple TV on this website. SellShark has created a series of questions that will help you determine if your TV is able to be sold. Before you can ship the device, it must be passed through a quality inspection.

You can use the prepaid shipping label to bring in your packaging materials. You can also be sure that your TV is working perfectly without any exceptions. It is easy to sell your TV. Go to the website, select the model and type of Apple TV you wish to sell. You can pack the device and send it free of charge using a prepaid shipping label. After the device has been inspected and delivered, you will be paid.

Where To Sell A Broken TV In Your Community

TV Repair Shops

TV Repair Shops

There are probably many TV repair shops within your area. These TV repair shops make a lot of money from TVs that are broken. They buy TVs from you and refurbish them before selling them at a profit.

They will also be willing to buy the TV they have broken from you. It’s easy to find a local TV repair shop. To find a TV repair shop near you, simply type in “TV repair near me” into Google. You can also search for phrases such as “who buys TV parts near me” and “places that buy TV parts near me”. This will give you information about all the TV repair shops (or pawn shops) in your area.

Once you have found the results on Google, call the shop to verify if they are selling broken TVs. Make sure you describe the condition of your TV.

Yard Sale

Yard sales (also known as tag sale, garage sale or rummage) allow you to sell or buy any item in person and receive immediate payment. It is important to tell the buyer if your TV is damaged. Individuals who run TV recycling and refurbishment businesses are a potential market for your TV. These people can be found at yard sales.

Selling in a yard sale has the advantage that you don’t have to ship the item. You can meet the buyer face-to-face and close all transactions immediately. It’s possible to find buyers at a yard sale, but it’s worth trying.

Antique Shops

Are you sure you own a rare TV set? If the TV set is an antique, you can make a profit. Antique shops will pay a lot to get rid of your TV set. They are looking for TV sets they can repair and then sell to customers at a profit. Many antique shops will sell TVs that have been discontinued or are imported. However, to sell an unusual TV model in an antique shop, you must have it.

Sell it as Scrap

Scrap phone
Any broken or outdated digital equipment can be sold as scrap (phone, TV…)

Some TVs cannot be salvaged or sold at a fair price. There is always scrap value, regardless of brand or model. Selling your TV as scrap is unlikely to bring you much, as the TV’s component has little scrap value.

To sell scrap TV, a dealer who specializes in TVs and other similar electronics must be able to offer a fair price. Sell your TVs in cash, and make sure it is taken off your premises.

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