why do guys text less after a while

Why Do Guys Text Less After A While?

When you first meet a guy, and especially during the initial stages of your relationship, texting is THE communication channel for online dating. But then, he suddenly stops texting. Why and when do guys text less after a while?

He Calls Me Instead Of Texting
He Calls Me Instead Of Texting

In a nutshell, the relationship often starts so well. You send him a message and he replies. You guys were texting almost non-stop before you knew it. Every day. Then, you notice a shift in your behavior. You notice a shift in his response time. He is less responsive and takes longer to reply. Or, he responds with the dreaded one word texts.

Guys Text Less After A While Because He Got a Busier Life

He Got a Busier Life
If he is so laid back and lazy, you should be worried.

Yes, life does happen. Sometimes, life will happen and he may not be able to reply as fast or as funny as he used to be. He might not be responding online, but men tend to be more focused on one thing at once. Don’t let this get you down.

What To Do:

You should give the man a break. It’s important to be understandable.

Guys Text Less As He Needs Some “Me Time”

Sometimes, even if you’re an introvert or a huge sports fan, guys need to take a break from being constantly wired. For introverts, “me time” is essential to recharge their batteries so that they can return full of energy. What about the guys who enjoy playing sports? You see these guys on their phones while they’re running, playing football or skating at the skatepark. None, exactly.

Needs Some “Me Time”
Everyone has their own hobbies.

What To Do:

You should also have me time! Enjoy some tea and a good book! Take some “me time” and enjoy it.

He’s Out With His Friends

He’s Out With His Friends
He has his friends and you have yours, girls!

Guys are often out with their friends and the worst thing a man can be called is “whipped.” Don’t wait for your text to validate him when he’s not with you. If he is serious with you, there will be more to prove.

What To Do:

This means that you need to enjoy your life and, if you are out with friends, you should enjoy the moment and not be glued to your phone.

Guys Text Less Because He’s More Comfortable With You

Sometimes he will let you know a little more as you get to know each other better after the initial chase. Because he has seen that you are interested in him and now he is comfortable with you, he will let you go.

What To Do:

It’s almost impossible to maintain the same pace you had when you first met. You need to remember, however, that texts should not be taken as validation. Isn’t it better to have face-to-face conversations with your man than chatting online? It doesn’t matter if he is online and does not respond. You should be grateful for the time he spends with you in person.

He Lost Interest BUT Not All is Lost

There is no guarantee in love. It’s possible for things to go wrong. Sometimes you might think, “He is online but not talking to us”. If you are constantly in their faces, men can’t know what they want. Texting him less because he might be losing interest isn’t going to help.

What To Do:

You should not chase him or send him “check-in” texts. If he starts to feel lost, he will contact you. Trust me. It doesn’t have to be the booty call type text

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