Women in Digital USA

Women in Digital USA was a 2018 National Conference aiming to empower women in the digital marketing and eCommerce industries. Since women’s empowerment is still prevalent in our day this event was a hit for everyone, including single mothers who work remotely to support their families. 

What was in the event?

A new girls club for the most powerful women on the planet we pledge to trade and exchange our secrets, our knowledge, and our power.

We are Women in Digital. 


September 12 – 14, 2018

Columbus, Ohio

Ticket prices increase 8/1/18

Alaina Shearer

Founder & Original Member, Women in Digital

Katie Martell

Marketing Strategist & Emcee

Tanisha Robinson

CEO, BrewDog USA

Kate O’Neill

Tech Humanist and Author, Pixels & Place

Kelly Mooney

Chief Experience Officer, IBMiX

Karen Okonkwo

Co-Founder, Tonl

Our Events

More information about the Women In Digital USA Event:

You’ll meet the power network you never knew you had, leave competition at the door and learn how to empower yourself by empowering others. You’ll also learn all the latest in digital as we geek out on the nerdy stuff.

We prefer you not attend our member meetups. Why? By nature, when faced with challenges, women respond by creating community. This is ours. 

Would you like to support us?  There are so many ways. Sponsor an event, buy group memberships for the women on your team, or attend our National Conference. 


Join 1500+ members on our private Slack for a 24/7 power exchange on topics ranging from salary negotiation to mansplain handling or the nerdiest of digital, marketing and advertising know-how.


Become a member and you’ll have access to all of our exclusive members-only meetups, $200.00 off our national conference and other major events likea SXSW and Content Marketing World. 


You’ll be assigned to a totally confidential Ask & Give peer circle in your city. We’ll assign you based on level of experience to ensure you’re matched with women at the same stage who can best prepare you for whatever is next.  

What’s next?

Are you a single mother looking to find jobs in the online world? Make sure you upgrade your skills and get familiar with each industry by practicing more digital skills. What you want to do is find an easy remote job first and work your way up from there. It is not recommended to take full university degrees to work online. You can do much more by getting real life experience from online companies.