How to Negotiate A Work From Home Arrangement After Your Maternity Leave

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You had hoped that you would return to work after having your baby. Now, you are looking down at the end of your maternity leaves and feeling confused. While you don’t wish to leave your baby, you also don’t want your job to be lost. These are some ways you can negotiate a work-from-home during and after maternity leave agreement with your boss.

How to work from home during and after maternity leave

Give Advance Notice

Your boss expects you to return after your maternity leave. Don’t tell her the news the night before you have to be back at work. You should call her at least one week in advance to let her know the details. This will ensure she is not caught by surprise and that you both have enough time to work out your new arrangement.

Do your Homework

Talk to other employees about how they have managed to negotiate a flexible work schedule. When you meet with your boss, find out what they did to achieve success. Next, go through your job description and decide which parts of your job are possible to be performed remotely. Your boss will be able to review the list and highlight your responsibilities.

Do Your Homework

Handle Your Feelings

You don’t want your baby to be a blubbering, stoic basket case. Big tears and dramatics may be a way to soften bosses. However, it can cause irritation for others. When you meet with your boss, and yes, this should be done in person, don’t use your emotions as bargaining chips. Keep calm and be professional during the meeting. Your boss will still be responsible for the company’s financial health, even if you sympathize with her situation.

Provide Options

It can be difficult (and even traumatic) for people who have worked in an office environment to suddenly work from home. Be flexible and open to negotiation, even if this is your ultimate goal. While you may be required to work at the office for a few days each week, you can telecommute on the rest of the days. Negotiations are not always all or nothing. Keep backup plans in place just in case your boss rejects your ideas.

Provide Accessibility

Some bosses fear that their telecommuting employees won’t be able or able to find them at the time they need them. Your boss should have no doubts. When you begin to work remotely, make sure you have your calendar handy. Also, update your boss if your baby needs to be taken to the doctor. Your boss and coworkers will notice that you are working remotely by meeting deadlines and responding quickly to emails.

Provide Accessibility

It is possible to have a flexible work schedule after your maternity break. You can maintain your job while being professional and prepared. This will allow you to achieve a better work-life balance.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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