Lucy Gordon

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Lucy Gordon is an award-winning romance writer in America. She bagged the first place in 1998 RITA competition with her piece “His Brother’s Child”. In 2021, her winning piece “Song of the lorelei” made her the champion of RITA 1991. For some time, she worked as a journalist for a popular women magazine before she pursued romance writing. 

Italy appears in many of Lucy’s novels for a reason. In addition to Venice, she also used Rome, Florence, Milan, Tuscany, and Sicily as backdrops. Want to know why? Her own heartwarming love story started in Venice. The man was in his thirties and had a lot of experience avoiding wedding invitations. However, that same evening, he began to drop indications about the type of lady he wished to marry and how he went about finding her.  Lucy began to realize that he was serious as the conversation progressed. A formal proposal took him twenty-four hours in the end. I agreed to the proposal.

Lucy’s friends and family were shocked and referring it as “holiday romance” But twenty years later, they are still happily married and still very much in love with each other. 

Miss Prim and The Billionaire 

The story revolves around Tycoon Marcel Falcon and Cassie. He appears to be a man who treats love as if it were a game to be played. On the other hand, his sadness has remained firmly entrenched in his heart ever since he was betrayed by Cassie, his one and only real love.

Cassie, too, has been affected by her past. She lost her self-confidence after a terrible marriage, and now she hides her model features behind prim glasses and suits.

After a long time apart, Marcel and Cassie find themselves back together in Paris. They are forced to work together because Marcel is her boss, and there is no hiding the reality that they have both changed tremendously. The spark is still there, but the main question is, will their love be sweeter the second time around? 

The King’s Bride 

The story is about the quest of Lizzie in writing a biography for his father. She has sought out King Daniel of Voltavia because she writes a biography of his grandfather, the late King Alphonse. King Alphonse reigned in Voltavia throughout the reign of King Daniel. She is particularly fascinated with him because her aunt, a well-known entertainer, was previously said to have been his mistress.

Daniel declines to give her an interview, but she is unexpectedly invited to a ball at the Voltavian Embassy the following night. There, he invites her to join him in a dance that commences the romance. 

A Mistletoe Proposal 

Stunning, bright, and accomplished, Pippa Jenson is looking for a man who sees more than just her looks! Her new customer, the moody, level-headed stockbroker Roscoe Havering, appears to be more interested in introducing her to his brother than he is in making a good impression on her. 

Roscoe’s feelings for Pippa are becoming more and more difficult to resist. A woman of many paradoxes, she is both spontaneous and organized, cheerful and serious all at once. Roscoe is torn between giving her a passionate kiss and putting forward a more long-term option.

And The Bride Wore Red

Olivia Daley’s vacation plans may seem out of the ordinary, but she feels that a radical change of environment is the most effective treatment for a shattered heart. Chinese culture is exotic and bright, and it is far enough away from dreary gray England to be considered such.

When Olivia arrives in Beijing, she marks a new chapter in her life. Ancient love stories have her enthralled, and she soon wishes she could be the bride in red. 

The Italian’s Cinderella Bride 

Count Pietro Bagnelli has been living alone in his home in Venice since the death of his wife and infant son in 2011. When he looks out his window during a storm, he sees Ruth, who is looking for his friend Gino, whom she had fallen in love with but had abandoned her. She had been suffering from amnesia for several months. Ruth only remembers half of her past life and desires to bring back all her memories. He invites her in and searches for her across Venice the next day, only to learn that she has vanished.

One Summer In Italy 

To meet the man she loved, Holly had traveled to Italy, but he’d conned her into helping him commit a heinous murder. She was now in danger of being apprehended by the authorities. She sought safety in a compartment,  in a cabin on the train to Rome, only to discover that it was already occupied by a judge. Matteo Fallucci hid her from the police instead of handing them up to protect his daughter. Liza had recently lost her mother and suffered a major injury. She was now clinging to Holly for comfort, and Matteo would not separate the two of them for long.

Holly soon discovered that Matteo was a thorny, even dangerous, character while living in his palatial villa outside of Rome. And he had been hiding something far worse, something that may have ended his life.

The Millionaire Tycoon English Rose 

Celia’s blindness didn’t matter to Francesco when he fell in love with her. All he wanted was to be with her and care for her. Celia is so independent and spunky that she doesn’t want to be held back by him. Celia managed to get away from him.  He returned to his mother’s home in Naples, in which he was miserable. In the meantime, Celia has followed him to his new home, where she hopes he will learn to accept her on her own terms so that their love can grow.

What are the best-selling books of Lucy Gordon? 

The best-selling book of Lucy Gordon which is The Italian’s Rightful Bride in 2005. In year 2003, her romantic piece The Italian Millionaire’s Marriage was awarded as the National Reader’s Choice Award. Consequently, she received another National Reader’s Choice Award in 2004 with her book The Italian’s Baby. As judges were marveled at the great storyline, her book, The Meditteranean Rebel’s Bride, got the RNA Roman Prize in 2007. 

Where are the places in Venice that Lucy’s books were set? 

Venice is often considered to be one of the most romantic towns worldwide. It is a favorite honeymoon destination for a good reason.  6 of Lucy’s books are set mainly in Venice, which consists of Enchantment in Venice, Virtue, and Vice, Seduced By Innocence, Christmas In Venice, The Venetial Playboyi’s Birde, and A  Family For Keeps. 


The historical canal is 3.8 km long and splits Venice in two. The Grand Canal also called as Canalazzo runs through the heart of Venice, through many great buildings (built between the 12th and 17th centuries) that attest to the city’s wealth and beauty. This magnificent waterway flows under four bridges and through busy Venetian markets, well-preserved gardens, and elegant canal-front restaurants, museums, churches, and other landmarks. While the Grand Canal connects visitors to Venice’s most fantastic attractions, it is also a top attraction in its own way. The Grand Canal held a precious memory for Lucy when she met her husband. After Lucy went for a gondola ride, I went upstairs to one of Venice’s famed glass manufacturers, where her husband was working at the time.

St. Mark’s Bell Tower  

The Campanile di San Marco or St. Mark’s Bell Tower is the bell tower of the Basilica of San Marco in Venice, Italy. The current campanile was built in 1912 after the former tower was destroyed by fire in 1902. The previous tower had collapsed in 1902. With a height of 98.6 metres, it is the tallest structure in Venice and is referred to as “el parn de casa” meaning “the “house tower”.