Affordable Daycare Assistance For Single Mothers

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Childcare and daycare costs have risen significantly over the last six years. It isn’t easy to find affordable DayCare for Single Mothers!

Most parents surveyed (72%) in the Cost of Care Survey say they spend 10% or more of their total household income on child care. About 55% of families say they spend at least $10 000 a year on childcare which is not affordable for most single moms. In the U.S., childcare is more than the typical cost of college tuition, which is approximately $9000.

Parents only want the best quality care in daycare facilities, helping them develop their children’s character and acquire essential life skills. Many single mothers depend on daycare centers to provide essential care for their children while they work or attend school. This allows single mothers to pursue their goals. 

Daycare centers offer a safe environment where children can engage in educational activities, interact with peers, and receive supervision. Children participate in show-and-tell, storytelling circles, and vocabulary-building games contribute to children’s language development and communication skills. Structured routines, including circle time, snack time, and cleanup time, help children develop a sense of predictability and routine, which is important for their overall well-being.

So, how are single moms supposed to afford daycare in addition to medical expenses, food, clothes, and transport?

Why Is Daycare So Expensive?

|They do not regulate daycare fees in the US. The article by Max Gulker in the American Institute for Economic Research paints quite a gloomy picture. 

The average annual cost of childcare in Massachusetts is 65% of what an average single-parent family earns. The child-to-staff ratios differ significantly from state to state: for example, the proportion of child-to-staff in Maine, New York is 5:1 as opposed to 12:1 in Louisiana and Mississippi.

He poses whether childcare is a luxury item or whether they should subsidize it.

It seems that red tape and government regulations make the problem worse, leading to artificially high prices in childcare.

Safety regulations often increase daycare costs because daycare centers spend a lot of money trying to be compliant. So the real question is: do all these regulations ultimately provide better daycare or inhibit quality care in that no one can afford it? Least of all, a single mom.

It seems that regulation increases costs and stifles innovation. It is also clear that the laws produce high-quality daycare in high-income areas while reducing daycare providers in low-income neighborhoods.

The reason childcare is so expensive is less about the rent and administrative costs of the daycare center and more about the cost of labor. Labor costs (including salary, unemployment, payroll taxes, benefits, and training) consume about 60 to 70% of a daycare center’s budget.

So – Should We All Move To Mississippi For Affordable Daycare For Single Mothers?

There is no uniformity of rates for childcare across the different states. A single mom could pay $5000 in one state and $20 000 in another state for the same type of daycare. Massachusetts is between 3 to 4 times more expensive than Mississippi.

Not only is childcare expensive, but it is also challenging to find. Many articles refer to childcare as “deserts” in certain states.

So Should We All Move To Mississippi For Affordable Daycare For Single Mothers

So how do you find affordable daycare for your child when you are a single mom with a small or no income? There are two major types of options:

  • Family housing
  • Daycare/Childcare facilities

Are There Affordable And Safe Housing Options With Daycare For Single Mothers?

These are 24-hour live-in centres for single moms and their children. Small groups of children are cared for by childcare service providers in a residential setting.

Check with your Child Care Resource and Referral Agency to see if the family home you are considering for your child is licensed.

Also, see if the family childcare home participates in the Quality Rating and Improvement System.

Assistance Options Of Affordable Daycare For Single Mothers

Affordable daycare assistance is a vital lifeline for single mothers. It supports their economic, emotional, and personal well-being while fostering their children’s healthy development. Below are the different affordable daycare assistance options:

Childcare centers

These care centers are in commercial typesetting, often with many kids and lots of caregivers.

They can be profit or non-profit and do not all require a license. We have some tips on finding a childcare provider.


Some babysitting apps help you locate babysitters at affordable prices. Some of the best babysitting apps are:


Family sitters

Sometimes you can find the best and most affordable childcare assistance for daycare in our own families. If you have a parent or relative with some free time or who lives with you, this might be an excellent option for affordable childcare for a single mother.

Preschool Programs

PreSchool Programs funded by the state also provide free or subsidized daycare to low-income single moms. You can find out more at your local CCR&R. There are 400 CCR&R offices in the U.S. All you need is your zip code to search for your state’s subsidies.

Emotional Support For Moms

Talkspace is a quick and easy way to get affordable emotional support. Besides no travel to and from the therapist, the rates are way better than brick-and-mortar therapy practices. Signing up and doing a quick assessment to match you to the right therapist is easy.

Affordable Daycare Providers For Single Mothers

Head Start and Early Head Start: provide healthcare, education, and nutrition to low-income children.

Chafee Foster Care Independent Living CFCIP helps foster children transition into adulthood.

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) provides meals to children, the elderly, and disabled people in daycares.

The Child and Dependent Care Credit program is a tax credit that single moms may qualify to receive on their federal income tax return.

The Child Care Access Means Parents in School Program (CCAMPIS) Your child will be cared for on campus while you are pursuing an education at a college or university.

Social Services Block Grant (SSBG) Provides, among others, child or adult daycare centers, adoption centers, independent living counseling, and job training.

Special Improvement Project Grant provides funds to single parents for child support.

Child Tax Credit program The Child Tax Credit allows you to receive up to $1,000 based on your income.

SNAP Special Nutrition Assistance Program

You can visit “the free daycare for single moms” for more details about this program.


Single mothers can find affordable daycare assistance through various programs to support their needs. A well-rounded approach includes educational, creative, physical, and social activities, helping children learn and enjoy. Are you looking for affordable daycare assistance? Remember, finding a daycare facility as a single mom may require some effort and research, but the benefits are well worth it.

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