Alderville Learning Center

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The Alderville Learning Center is under the authority of Aldervill First Nation. The Aldervill First Nation is an existing member of the Ogemawahj Tribal Council, Union of Ontario Indians Assembly of First Nations, and United Anishnabek Council. Their programs include Public Works, Self-Government, Administration and Finance, Economic Development, Education, Social Services, Health, Learning Centre, Daycare, Community Centre, Student Services, and Women’s Shelter – all these, that strongly support single mothers.

Their monthly news consists of new information regarding changes on some properties, courses, product sales, and a conference. The Cookbook is priced at $8.00. A conference about Basic Computer was held on January 19, 2006 (Thursday) at 10 A.M.-12 A.M. in Alderville Learning Centre Computer Club with Jackie Gorveatt as the instructor. The MS Excel Course started on February 16, 2006 (Friday) at 9 A.M.-12 P.M. in the Alderville Learning Centre lab with teachers from Community Training Development Centre as the instructor. And lastly, Human Resources Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) changed their name to Service Canada.

The Alderville Learning Centre provides a wealth of educational resources and program access. The three primary sections, which are indicated on the left, provide thorough information on the available resources and services. Continue reading if you’re seeking general information about our educational offerings. Students can access course materials and receive their Grade 12 Diploma through correspondence as an Access Site for the Independent Learning Centre, Ministry of Education. There is a large array of courses to choose from. Exams are taken on-site, and registered students have unrestricted access to all relevant resources to assist them with their studies. Computer software applications, books, and movies are all examples of educational resources. Instructional programs (including Native-specific programs), scholarship and grant information, careers, youth information, educational software, videos tackling student difficulties, and a range of literature are also available.

The Aldervill Learning Centre also has resources and services to help you land a job or start your own business. Their services include counseling, client intake and case management, action plan development, aptitude, career, and personal assessments: GATB, COII, Myers Briggs, CAAT, true colors, life skills, employability skills, career decision-making System, and more, unit studies: self-analysis, job search, and entrepreneurship on-site HRSDC Job Bank (Kiosk), information, referral, and support for a variety of employment programs – upgrading, training, work placements, co-ops, business start-up, apprenticeship, and more.

Alderville Learning Center

Services offered by the Alderville Learning Center are solely focused on getting to know their Alderville Elders/Senior. From May to November, the Alderville Learning Centre has already planned out the needed workshops. In May, they conducted a No-Sew blanket workshop. In June, they celebrated Senior’s Month. In July, they did outdoor activities in a Boat Cruise/lunch on Rice Lake at the Victoria Inn. in August, they conducted an activity that addressed their True Colors and got the youth to interact with the elders. In September, this conducted the Grandchildren-Grandparents bone over breakfast and lunch. And in November, they went to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Toronto and learned basic computer skills.

The Aldervill Learning Center has two staff acting as the coordinator and employment counselor. Jacqueline Gorveatt is the coordinator, and she oversees the daily operations and services done in the Aldervill Learning Center. Vicki Niles is the employment counselor, and she assesses clients and employment needs. She helps their clients regarding employment, education, and computers.

The Alderville Learning Center has a library that is open on weekdays, excluding Friday. Their library has diverse books in terms of genres, including romance, mystery, naive content, fiction, children’s literature, health, science, research materials, and encyclopedias, and they are all suited for all ages. They also have magazines and newspapers that are updated every day. They also book loaning but are only exclusive to members. Accessing the library is free as long as you’re a resident of Alderville, and if you’re not, you have to pay a yearly fee of $10.00.

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