Anniversary of Divorce: How to Deal with It?

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Many weddings are taking place right now. Your anniversary might be coming up if yours was. It’s a happy day! But, what if you are divorced? Divorce can bring out all sorts of emotions. There are many emotions that can arise from divorce: anger, resentment or regret. And don’t get me wrong, you are still happy because you know you made the right decision. But, have you heard about Anniversary of Divorce? If so, how can you deal with these mixing emotions on that day?

Divorce can bring out all sorts of emotions

Why Do You Feel Lonely After A Divorce?

You might still feel nostalgic even if you want the divorce. It is possible to dream about the future. Divorce anniversaries or the passing of a spouse during an anniversary are like a rotten section on a bridge. It’s inevitable and we dread it, but we have to get over it in order to continue on. It is important to remember that if you don’t prepare, you risk falling into all those painful and harsh memories.

Recognizing And Releasing Your Emotions On Your Anniversary

It is easy to feel confident and proud when you are able to navigate difficult terrain. A successful divorce anniversary is an achievement. The first few years following a divorce are often the most difficult. That’s OK! You can feel all the emotions without expecting anything in return from your family or the rest of the world.

Coping With Going Through A Divorce Anniversary

Coping With Going Through A Divorce Anniversary

It’s possible to have lost something very important. Give your feelings the attention they deserve. It is a normal part of grieving a loss. However, it can take time. Even though you may have felt great yesterday, there are things that can make you feel anxious, such as an anniversary.

It is okay to grieve your relationship if you find yourself in this position. As a general trend, divorce rates have increased over the years and many people feel exactly the same as you. However, I warn you that this is not the time to allow your old feelings to return.

It was your goal to get out of this place. However, you can reverse your progress and move on. You will quickly get stuck if you keep looking back at your shoulders or worse, walk right into a wall. Allow yourself to feel the negative emotions you might be feeling on your anniversary of divorce. But, look forward to the wonderful things that lie ahead.

Look Forward To The Future

Your future is in your hands. Sometimes, that means taking just one step forward. You can take one step at a time to make peace with your marriage, or even better, what you didn’t do. Keep positive about the future.

Celebrating Your Divorce Anniversary

Celebrating Your Divorce Anniversary
When you can bravely celebrate your divorce, you know you are moving on!

Do something that will remind you of all the goodness in your life. Do something for yourself on your anniversary of divorce. Find an activity that brings joy to you. You could go on a hike or just enjoy a good book. Or maybe you want to take your kids for a picnic. You didn’t anticipate this twist but you have the right to a happy ending.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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