Single Mothers Assistance in Houston

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Single mom and low-income family assistance are available through various different programs in Houston. We take a look to help you find all the information you need.

Single mom assistance programs in Houston, TX

Medical and Dental Care for Single Mothers

These are free or sliding scale fee clinics for those who don’t have the money to pay for medical or dental treatment in Houston:

The Baylor College of Medicine Teen Health Clinic, Cullen Clinic 

The clinic has a variety of free sexually transmitted disease (STD) tests: for HIV, rapid HIV blood test, rapid HIV oral test, syphilis, and other diseases. Qualified individuals will have the test for free. Visit their website or call 713-440-7313.

Southwest Urgent Care 

The clinic offers a variety of services which are: immediate care for illness and injuries from colds, flu, and coughs to cuts, burns, simple broken bones, preventative screenings, immunizations, diagnostic tests, physical exams, and many other services. Visit their website or call them at 713-640-5754.

Healthcare for the Homeless 

They provide free quality dental care to homeless individuals and families. They treat a wide variety of dental problems and aim to prevent serious conditions like gum disease and loss of teeth. Contact them at 713-276-3079 for more information.

Food Assistance for Single Mothers

These are the community food pantries and kitchens for those troubled to find or buy food:

Houston Food Bank 

The Houston Food Bank can cater immediate food assistance, contact them at 832-369-9390

Heights Interfaith Ministries 

The Height Interfaith Ministries provides a food pantry wherein the clients are free to choose their food with the help of a volunteer. The orders the clients bring home include meat, eggs, produce, and toiletries. Visit their website or contact 713-861-6155 for more information. 

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

The Society of St. Vincent de Paul provides meals and a food pantry to help those taking a path to self-sufficiency. Visit their website or call 713-862-2605 for more information. 

The House of Amos 

They provide food for people in crisis three times a year, not including the once-a-month giveaway. Call the Emergency Food Services at 281-495-9061 for food emergencies. Visit their website, food assistance is available online too.

Credit Counseling for Single Mothers

Leave the life of being a debtor by letting a credit counselor assist you with budgeting, raising your credit rating, and how to prevent future indebtedness.

Texas Debt Consolidation 

The Texas Debt Consolidation offers credit counseling and referrals to other credit specialists. Visit their website to learn more about controlling debt and avoiding credit.

Houston Discounts 

CityPASS Houston gives a family discount on five of Houston’s most popular entertainment attractions – Downtown Aquarium, Houston Museum of Natural Science, Houston Zoo or Museum of Fine Arts, Children’s Museum of Houston, and the Kemah Boardwalk. Buy your CityPass online and call 888-330-5008 for more information about the attractions. Visit this page to find out when the entrance to the museum district becomes free.

Utility Assistance for Single Mothers

These are the programs and organizations that can assist you with your past due utility bills and disconnection notice when money is short:

Neighborhood Centers Utility Assistance Program 

The Neighborhood Centers Utility Assistance Program is designed to help single mothers and individuals in paying for their electricity and gas bills. Call 713-590-2327 to book an appointment to visit their center.

Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM) 

The MAM helps people with their past due utility bills or disconnection notices. Call 713-574-7533 or 713-574-7533 (Español) to book an appointment.

Sheltering Arms 

The Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program, a federally-funded program that helps qualified individuals and families in Harris County with their electricity and gas bills. Visit their website to learn more.

Legal Help for Single Parents 

Qualified individuals and families that can’t afford legal assistance can learn what they need to know about legal proceedings with the help of:

The Lone Star Legal Aid Houston

The Lone Star Legal Aid Houston covers cases under family law, public assistance, domestic violence, divorce, and other civil cases. Visit their website to find resources. Contact 713-652-5911 or 800-733-8394 to talk to a legal professional.

Prescription Aid The Houston Food Bank Prescription Card

The Rx discount card can be used for all brand names and generic medications, saving up to 75% at nearly 95% of all pharmacies with the card’s help. Visit their website to learn how to get a card.

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