Single Mothers Assistance in San Antonio

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San Antonio offers help to single mothers through assistance programs such as housing assistance, credit counseling, medical care, and more.

San Antonio assistance for single mothers

Credit Counseling for Single Mothers 

Greenpath Balcones Heights Credit Counseling provides eligible individuals free debt counseling to teach individuals about debt management, student loans, how to improve a credit rating, housing financing options, and bankruptcy. They also provide resources online through videos, webinars, and other educational tools. Call 800-550-1961 to speak with a credit counselor or visit their website to chat with a representative.

Help with Housing San Antonio Family Assistance Centers 

Human Services provides eligible families who have received eviction notices with emergency cash aid to pay for their rent. Call 210-207-8198 or visit their website to know more.

St. Peter St. Joseph’s Children’s Home (St. PJ’s) provides children with emergency shelter. Project Ayuda provides individuals and families who are eligible for rent assistance if they have received an eviction notice. Call the Family Crisis Line at 210-531-8555 or visit their website to know more.

San Antonio Salvation Army provides an array of services like temporary emergency shelter, assistance in finding permanent housing, and rent assistance for eligible single mothers who have been given an eviction notice. Call 210-352-2000 or visit their website to ask for their assistance.

Medical and Dental Care for Single Mothers

Centromed Children’s Shelter Clinic provides an array of medical and dental services for uninsured and homeless individuals and families. These services include family medicine, pediatrics, women’s health, dental care, optometry, pharmacy and mental health counseling. Visit this website to see what you should know before making an appointment. Call 210-922-7000 for a medical appointment and 210-924-7344 for a dental appointment.

South Park Medical and Dental Care provides services like primary medical, obstetrics and gynecology, specialty medical, and mental health services. Call 210-924-9254 to create an appointment.

Utility Assistance for Single Mothers 

Society of St. Vincent de Paul helps eligible single mothers pay their home energy bills. Call 210-220-2463 to ask for assistance or visit their website to know more.

Christian Assistance Ministries helps eligible single mothers who have received a disconnect notice pay for their home energy bills. Assistance is given annually to each beneficiary. Call 210-223-4099 or visit their website to apply or view more information.

Catholic Charities Archdiocese San Antonio helps eligible single mothers with one-time cash assistance for their home energy bills. Call 212-222-1294 to ask for assistance or visit their website to know more.

Tax Preparation Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) 

The VITA program helps with income taxes of families with less than $60,000 annually. Refunds are usually received within or less than ten days. Call 210-431-7541 to know VITA offices locations.

Food Resources Emergency Food Assistance for Single Mothers 

The San Antonio Food Bank provides a list of food pantries, community kitchens, and other food resources should you want to know. Call 210-337-3663 or 210-431-8326 to ask for their assistance.

Guadalupe Community Center gives bags of rice, tuna, and canned vegetables. Call 210-226-6178 to ask for their help.

St. Henry’s Catholic Church hosts a food pantry every month. Call 210-225-6877 to know when they are held.

St. Peter Prince of the Apostles hosts food pantries from 10 am to 12 pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Call 210-822-3367 or visit their website to know more.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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