9 Best Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare

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It has never been easier to be a single parent. Covid-19 has radically changed the way you live your day. The dangers of child care are real because playgroups can be dangerous and it is risky to hire babysitters. What can a single mom with young children, trying to make ends meet, do? What kind of jobs are suitable for single moms with no daycare? And how can they fulfil both responsibilities?

The obvious choice is homeschooling when it comes to making your children continue on with their education. You can make it work for your family, even if you are only one parent. Homeschooling while working remotely (WFH), is possible, despite what you might think.

Having Multiple Streams Of Income

Working outside the home this year is not possible because childcare facilities aren’t protected from the coronavirus. Homeschooling removes the uncertainty and anxiety that comes with it. You are left to make a living at home while homeschooling. When the bills start piling up, you really don’t have any choice.

Focus on getting WFH jobs that are easy to do with young children and babies. It would be difficult to serve customers using the phone as a customer service representative knowing that your children can scream and throw tantrums at any moment. 

Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare To Find

Without daycare, we suggest single moms pick online jobs, or any careers that give them the choice to work from home.

1. Blogging


Starting a website or blog that is profitable takes both time and money. You may not have the finances to pay upfront costs like domain registration and web hosting. Although it is possible to make money, you might not see immediate results.

Blogging isn’t like other jobs that are hourly. You could spend a lot of time researching and writing one blog post. After a few months, if you are writing in a lucrative niche and creating content that is popular and widely loved, your passive income should be at least $1K/month. You can increase your income over time by expanding your offering from affiliate sales to coaching and then to online courses, memberships, or other services. This estimate is extremely optimistic.

If you are looking to make money in the coming month, blogging is not recommended. If you have the time and funds to start a business, it’s a great idea.

2. Freelance Writing | Jobs for Single Moms with no Daycare

Freelance writing jobs are not big money makers, at least for the beginning. It’s more difficult and less likely if you don’t have any experience. Do not be taken in by content mills that pay you less than one penny per word. You are worth more than that.

You can spend hours researching and writing an article, but you will not be paid for it. Freelance editing, on the other hand, is usually hourly. Is it really possible to find the time? When looking for freelance writing gigs, you should aim to get a rate of $0.10 per word, preferably $0.15 per word. To make it worthwhile, you will need to produce a lot of articles.

If writing is your passion, you can work hard at it. There are many online classes to help you get started. You shouldn’t expect freelance writing to bring you wealth if you don’t have enough to eat and rent money. It is really necessary to have a steady stream of income.

3. eBay


If you are a seasoned seller, selling online can bring you quick cash. Becoming an eBay seller means you have to keep up with the high volume of merchandise required to make eBay successful. This could be an opportunity to make a side-business out of it. If you are able to find amazing finds at yard sales or thrift stores, this can be a lucrative business. Perhaps your relatives are willing to give you cool stuff that has been collecting dust in their attics. You can also purchase large quantities at wholesale prices of popular items. You can then resell the items at retail price.

To be successful on eBay, you need to research the current market rates so that you don’t get ripped off. Over time, it will become easier to find the right price point for your auctions. If you have the right products and the right prices, eBay can make you a lot of money. Give it a shot if you’re desperate.

4. Etsy | Jobs for Single Moms with no Daycare

Etsy Jobs For Single Moms With No Daycare

Etsy is a great place to shop if you love DIY and making your own products! Are you a maker of your own products like clothing, soaps or jewelry? Etsy can be a great way to make a substantial income stream if you have or could build a large online audience that supports your efforts.

Make sure you do your research and consider the fees associated with being a seller there. Look at the top sellers to see if you can replicate their success. To learn more, connect with others on social media. If you are selling a product that is in high demand and have an online community, Etsy can help you get good results in just a few weeks.

5. ESL Teacher

 It doesn’t require you to be a teacher but it does help. It is important to have experience with children, which is something you are an expert in! You can also declare in your application that homeschooling is something you do.

Online teaching takes place at 6 – 10 a.m. EST due to the difference in time between countries. Your little cherubs should be asleep for at least a portion of this time. This could be a great source of regular income! The starting salary for these positions is $15/hr. This is higher than the average retail or food service job. You could earn as much as $23/hr if you have teaching experience and a degree.

Lessons usually last 30 minutes. The best thing about lessons is that you don’t need to plan or design them. Everything is provided for you. All you have to do is to teach the lessons to your students. The lessons are available the day before you go live so that you don’t get in the cold. 

6. Live Chat

Most people are familiar with the small rectangle that appears in the corner of the screen when you visit different websites. You will see a question like “How may I help?” This is the live chat service of the company, which partly eliminates the need to pay people to answer phone calls.

With the possibility of a child’s outburst, working on the phone isn’t realistic. Many companies that offer remote customer service via phone will visit you at your home to see if you are able to work in a peaceful environment before offering you the job. You will be disqualified if you shout at your children!

Live chat help has made it possible to earn money helping customers with screaming babies or colicky infants from your home. Single moms can benefit greatly from technology. This is your chance to take advantage of it.

7. Coding | Jobs for Single Moms with no Daycare

Coding is one of the most popular job markets right now. This skill can be learned online, some of which are free. Be honest with yourself. This may not be the right choice for you if you are not tech-savvy or scared of computers. It’s worth looking to see if this is a fit.

Two of my friends, both moms, work in IT and develop software. They both code at home since the virus made working in an office unsafe. Because it is a highly specialized skill, not everyone can code, their companies are always searching for people who can. Remote coding looks like a promising way to make a living.

8. Medical billing

This job requires you to participate in conference calls every once in a while, but these are always planned well in advance. Your end of the call will always be muted. Your kiddos are free to scream as loud as they like, with no consequences. Assuming that you can concentrate! You’ll have to analyze miscodings in electronic documents sent by her company. 

9. Legal transcriptionist

You can transcribe court recordings and other documents. If you are a good typist, this could be your ideal job. You’re paid per webpage, so the quicker you can type the better you will earn.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!