Online Bookkeeping Jobs for Moms – Everything you Need to Know

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If you have a passion for numbers, excellent organizational skills, a keen eye for attention to detail, and enjoy problem-solving, then bookkeeping may be the perfect job for you. In this article, we take an in-depth look at all the exciting remote and online bookkeeping jobs available for moms who’d like to work from home.

We live in a time where there is a growing number of remote jobs, and online booking is one of them. This means that you can work from home in your space while being around your family.

Every successful company has a bookkeeper; you could say bookkeeping is an essential piece of the puzzle for a successful company. 

What does a Bookkeeper do? 

A bookkeeper manages the preparation of accounts and documents all daily financial transactions of the company. These transactions include everything from large business expenses to small business expenses. Like ordering a salad, if this was a company expense, the bookkeeper will need to note the transaction. 

Bookkeepers provide the business heads with financial reports and are responsible for providing updated financial information about the business.  

How to become an Online Bookkeeper? 

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The first thought in your mind right now may be ‘ I don’t have a bookkeeping qualification.’ However, you don’t need a qualification to be an online bookkeeper!

Bookkeeping is one of the higher paid professions where a qualification is not essential (A-M-A-Z-I-N-G). However, you will need to have specific skills, including math, problem-solving, organization, attention to detail, and most importantly, to have the integrity to be a successful online bookkeeper. 

Many bookkeepers do gain experience on the job; however, as an online bookkeeper, it will be beneficial if you have had previous work experience as a bookkeeper or have completed some basic online bookkeeping training. 

Duties of Bookkeepers

Basic duties of Bookkeepers:

  • Data entry 
  • Monthly reports 
  • Bank reconciliation 
  • Payroll 
  • Accounts payable 
  • Account receivable and credit control 

Advanced duties of Bookkeepers:

  • End of year reporting 
  • Liaising with accountants 
  • Business strategy 
  • Tax filing 

7 Websites To Help Moms Find Online Bookkeeping Jobs


BookMinders have been helping companies with bookkeeping services for the past 25 years around the Baltimore, South Jersey, Pittsburgh, and Philadelphia area. 

Although the company does offer virtual bookkeeping positions, you will need to live a maximum of 45 miles from the BookMinders offices, as you have to go in for training sessions and meetings. Another requirement is 2 years of bookkeeping experience.

Once hired at BookMinders, you will love the flexibility offered and many other benefits, including high earning potential, a training development program, and a team of resources. 

Creative Financial Staffing 

Creative Financial Staffing helps companies connect with online experts in finance, accounting and IT, to work with. 

Although their sole focus is not only on online bookkeeping positions, Creative Financial Staff has tons of online bookkeeping jobs listed on their website. You can use the Creative Financial Staffing job search engine to help you find the perfect online bookkeeping job, which is also worth checking out.

Two Roads 

Two Roads are constantly seeking online bookkeepers to join their dynamic team—ideally, individuals who are self-starters and don’t need to be micromanaged.

The company offers flexibility, allowing you to get work done when it best suits you while still communicating with your teammates and meeting deadlines. Another benefit is the employees’ growth potential, resulting in professional and personal growth. 

Two Roads offers fully remote positions, but you must be reached from 9 AM to 5 PM EST Monday to Friday. 

Belay Solutions 

Belay Solutions offers various remote positions, including remote bookkeepers. The company appeals to moms who would prefer to work from home while taking care of their child or simply wanting more flexibility. 

The application process includes three steps; apply, assess, and activate. The company’s requirements include at least  5 years of bookkeeping experience and giving consent to a reference and background check during the application process.

It is also important that you have your own home office space with a laptop or computer, fast internet, webcam, and the latest version of QuickBooks. Click here to start your application process.


1-800Accountant is a completely virtual firm that assists companies with bookkeeping, accounting, and other business services. Therefore, with experts in all 50 states, this is a well-established firm offering many more positions on their website. 

The requirements include at least 5 years of experience and understanding of accounting software such as Gusto, QuickBooks, or alternatives. You are also required to work a minimum of 30 hours a week. 


Accountingfly is not only a job search engine, but it specifically focuses on finding accounting and finance positions; a lot of them include remote positions, which are perfect for an online bookkeeper seeking a job.

It began in 2007 as ‘Balance Your Books’ and now is a completely virtual company that offers virtual assistant services inclusive of bookkeeping, advisory, and controlling services. The company offers assistance to companies whose annual revenue totals between $1 to $50 million. offers their full-time employees a full benefits package. However, as a full-time employee, you need to be available to work Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM in your time zone. To fill out a general application, click here. 

Recent Online Booking Jobs

Remote Bookkeeper: Two Roads 

Remote Bookkeeper Two Roads


  • Journal entry postings
  • Production of monthly financial statements
  • Reconciliations (bank, credit card, and loans)
  • Reviewing P&L statements and balance sheets
  • Processing accounts receivable
  • Processing accounts payable 
  • Performance of sales taxes
  • Performances of any tax-related situations
  • Syncing data across various platforms to ensure accuracy
  • Communicating with clients and teammates

Skills and Qualifications Required:

  • At least 4 years of bookkeeping or accounting experience
  • 2-year degree (AA, AS)
  • Passionate about finance
  • Fast learner
  • Excellent organization skills
  • Decisive 
  • Ability to work from home for at least 30 hours or more a week

To see more information about this position or to apply, click here

Remote Bookkeeper: Belay Solutions


  • Bank statement reconciliation 
  • Cash flow management 
  • Pay client’s bills weekly
  • Journal and data entry
  • Producing weekly and monthly reports for clients
  • Budget management 
  • Weekly and Monthly Budget vs. Actual
  • Weekly and Monthly Balance Sheets
  • Weekly and Monthly Income statements 
  • Credit and debit card reconciliation 

Skills and Qualifications Required:

  • Bookkeeping or accounting experience
  • Payroll experience 
  • Knowledge of QuickBooks
  • Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business or Finance (However this is not a requirement) 

To see more information about this position or to apply, click here

Full Charge Bookkeeper (Remote): Accountingfly 


  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Classified client data entry
  • Develop Sales Tax Returns
  • Work within a team to complete certain projects
  • Respond to IRS notices
  • Make use of QuickBooks and be able to train clients 
  • Respond to routine client questions

Skills and Qualifications Required:

  • At least 3 years of bookkeeping experience 
  • An in-depth understanding of account 
  • The ability to multitask 
  • The ability to meet deadlines 
  • Prioritization skills
  • An expert with QuickBooks
  • Team player

To see more information about this position or to apply, click here.

Online Booking Salary Information 

According to ZipRecruiter, the national average yearly salary of online bookkeepers is $48,252, and the average hourly rate is $23

Tips to Becoming an Online Bookkeeper (Mom Edition) 

Get the right tools 

Ensure that you have a good laptop and a stable internet connection, which is essential for you to be an online bookkeeper. 

Gain Experience as a Bookkeeper

Most online bookkeeping jobs require a few years of bookkeeping experience, so get started on gaining some experience as a bookkeeper if you are seriously considering a career as an online bookkeeper. 

Gain Bookkeeping Training 

There are plenty of online bookkeeping training courses which you can complete from your home whilst taking care of your child. 

Gain Experience with Accounting Software

A lot of online bookkeeping positions require their applicants to have an understanding of accounting software applications like QuickBooks or Xero. It is also a good idea to understand one of the accounting software.

Perks of Online Bookkeeping Jobs for Moms


As an online bookkeeper, you have the flexibility to work whenever and from wherever, and as a mom, this can make all the difference. This means you have more time to spend with your children and attend to their needs and make money at the same time.

Career Growth Potential

Online bookkeeping is one of the few virtual jobs that offer career growth potential, which is a huge motivator for any job. Nobody wants to stay in the same position for years. 

A Degree is NOT Essential

As mentioned earlier – a degree is not essential; you can get a great online bookkeeping job as long as you have some previous bookkeeping experience. However, it’s best to start gaining experience now because this is an amazing job opportunity.

Your Own Online Bookkeeping Business

An alternative option that may be more suited to you is starting your own online bookkeeping business. Moreover, there are lots of resources out there about how and what to do to get your own online bookkeeping business going. Finally, all you have to do is a little research and you can get started.

In conclusion, we hope you’ve learned all there is to know about finding online bookkeeping jobs for single or work-from-home moms. However, you can find more work-from-home jobs for moms at the appropriate link.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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