How To Get Free Baby Samples For Single Moms?

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Preparing for the baby’s arrival is expensive, and there’s no question about that. Many baby brands and retailers offer free samples of formula, bottles, clothes, diapers, and blankets. You can then try out a variety of products without having to purchase them all at once. This will allow you to build your ultimate baby product list. 

Get Free Baby Samples From Big Stores

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

To receive the Amazon Welcome Box, you must create an Amazon Prime account. If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime account, you will need to complete the Amazon gift registry checklist. You also need to purchase at least $10 worth of items. After that, log in to claim the offer and receive a box with full-size, sample, and travel-size products. You might see 10 or more items in the past, but they change according to availability. The welcome box includes the following: 

  • A muslin swaddle
  • Onesie
  • Draft
  • A 4-ounce bottle of baby lotion
  • Travel-size bottle of baby shampoo
  • 3-pack diapers
  • Single-use samples (diaper cream or ointment)

Amazon may charge $35 per box if you remove one of the qualifying items from your registry even though you have already placed $10 worth of orders.

Buy Buy Baby Welcome Box

You can buy a welcome box for just $10 when you register at Buy Buy Baby You can pick up the box in-store or ship it to you for $10.

Parents have been given diaper samples, wipes, and a Mam pacifier. There has also been a Nuk bottle and a yellow “Baby on Board” sign. Also, small samples of Noodle & Boo products such as Aquaphor, Mustela no-rinse cleansing water, Water Wipes, and Boogie Wipes. You can also get coupons for future purchases.

Target Welcome Kit

Register at Target to receive your complimentary welcome kit. You will receive $100 worth of baby-related coupons and products. The bag contains $100 worth of baby-related products and coupons. The welcome kit includes the following:

  • 3-packs of Dreft detergent
  • 10 packs of Honest wipes
  • 10 packs of Honest Wipes
  • Lansinoh nursing bags and pads
  • A Philips Avent baby bottle
  • Boogie Wipes
  • Aquaphor.

One problem: Parents in the What to Expect community report that it can be difficult to find in-store welcome packs (subject to availability), so make sure to call before you go in to pick one up. If you live near multiple Targets, some parents suggest calling at least two stores. You can also have it shipped to your home. You can have it shipped to you for free if your order exceeds $35.

Walmart Baby Registry Welcome Box

Register with Walmart to receive a baby box with freebies. You’ll find Dr. Brown’s bottles and Huggies diapers. There are also Baby Dove moisturizers, Baby Dove lotions, Baby Dove diapers, A&D ointment, and Baby Dove moisturizers. It can take up to a month for the box to arrive. However, many people find the haul worth it.

Babylist Registry Hello Baby Box

Babylist offers a box containing samples parents claim are good. However, you will need to go through some hoops in order to receive it. These include:

  • Three items can be added to your registry using the Babylist store
  • Add three items from other stores to your registry
  • Spend at least $10 in the Babylist shop (or have your guests spend this amount)
  • Verify your address and spend $10 plus tax, if applicable, for shipping

You can fit most items into the boxes for babies between 2 and 3 months of age, so order early. Many moms were thrilled to receive a Burt’s Bees onesie. Other freebies included: Huggies diapers and a FridaBaby Windi (a tool for gas relief), Boon and Philips bottles as well as samples of Enfamil formula, Honest wipes, Aveeno baby cream, and a hospital bag. contains all the details about the box.

Get Free Baby Samples Directly From Brands

Get Free Baby Samples Directly From Brands

Enfamil Family Beginnings Pack

The formula can be finicky for some babies. Parents can spend a lot of money buying full-size formulas, so it is worth getting free samples whenever possible. Enfamil can send out samples of several formulas to parents. They also provide formula coupons and gifts like “Belly Badge” stickers that you can attach to your baby’s outfit. You can use the app to earn rewards and coupons if Enfamil is a good choice for your baby.

Pampers Club Rewards Program

You can download the Pampers Rewards app to scan the codes on the diapers or wipes you have purchased when you sign up for the Pampers club rewards program. You’ll be able to earn coupons and points, which you can use to trade in for diapers, wipes, or other rewards such as gift cards. Although it takes a bit more effort and there is no special Pampers gift box for new parents, it is a great way to save money.

Huggies Rewards+ Program

Like Pampers, Huggies products can earn points that can be used to trade in for gift cards, such as Visa, Nordstrom, and Target. This is easily done via the Fetch rewards app. Fetch is a comprehensive program that partners with hundreds of brands in many categories. Parents who use it know this. You can also earn points from other brands than Huggies.

Medela Family

Parents-to-be can sign up to become a member of the Medela Family. You will also have the opportunity to join the Beta Tester program which allows you to try Medela products first. Access to exclusive product bundles, which can save you up to 30% and more than $100, will be available. 

You will also have access to the VIP customer service line, which can be used for immediate assistance with products. Medela’s Family has replaced Medela’s Mom’ Room. This is a familiar memory for many parents.

Similac Rewards

Similac rewards send baby formula samples, coupons, and nutritional guidance to parents. A Shutterfly photo album will be included for all the adorable baby photos that you’ll be taking. Members also receive discounts on their “Schedule and Save” orders. 

This includes discounts starting at 10 percent for the first order and increasing to 26 percent for the eighth. Similac allows you to sign up for both the Pampers Club and Similac’s Rewards Program simultaneously. This makes it a lot easier to do both.

Hey, Milestone Pregnancy Sample Box

A quirky company that offers gift boxes for both babies and parents. To see if the program is for them, moms-to-be can order a complimentary pregnancy box and have it customized to their due date. Shipping costs are $13.

The contents of the box vary from month to month. A recent edition included five Cuties diapers and a Nano Bebe Flex Pacifier. Also, there was a Lansinoh breast milk sample set and organic nuclei cream. There were also two Prevail liners and a pack of water wipes. Aquaphor mini-sprays for mom and Water Wipes. Bella B samples and $100 credit for family meals at Sun Basket.

Nanobébé Free Sample Kit

Nanobebe has a small Welcome Kit available on its website. However, customers must pay shipping costs. Two flat, lightweight, absorbent breastmilk storage bags and two daytime nursing pads are included in the set. The Flexy silicone pacifier will also be included. It has an ergonomic profile that contours around the nose and chin of your baby, making it more comfortable. A Mystery Box with $100 worth of surprise baby gear is also available from the company. However, you cannot request the free sample kit and the Mystery Box simultaneously.

Get Free Baby Samples From Famous Programs

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Subscription

The program was started by the country’s icon and serious reader fan. It has very simple instructions. Sign up as soon as your child is born to receive books in the mail every month until she turns 5. The organization does not currently serve all parts of the country. However, go-getters may be able to work with the Imagination Library in order to establish their own local branch. A team of early literacy experts reviews the book selections each year.

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