Free Baby Stuff For Low-Income Families

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Although they may seem small, baby stuff is expensive! The cost of having a baby will significantly impact your household budget. The government provides free baby stuff to support low-income families through many programs.

While there are certain costs that you can expect, such as formula and diapers, there may be other unexpected costs like higher power bills or additional insurance.

There are many ways to budget to have a baby, but there are also free ways for low-income families to get baby stuff. You should adopt a “take whatever you can get” mindset when you prepare for a baby. Although the savings you make on baby products may seem small, they really add up. Here are some ways to get baby stuff free of charge for your newborn.

You can also look for support from government programs, such as, TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families), Medicaid, CACFP, and WIC (Women, Infants, and Children).

Ways to Get Free Baby Stuff for Low-Income Families

Many people are not aware of the help they can get to lessen their load in buying important things for their babies. However, you’ll need to have the patience and the time to contact all these organizations.

I. Formula and Baby Food

Baby Formula And Baby Food
When you need help with baby food!

Government Assistance

Food insecurity is a real problem in America. Children and babies are more susceptible to food insecurity than any other population. You can find assistance with food through the following programs:

Gerber Baby Box 

Gerber, a well-known company that makes baby food, is well-known. You can register online and they’ll send you a Gerber baby gift bag for free. Gift boxes typically include baby food, formula, bibs, and onesies. Gerber will send your baby free items every now and again once you have registered.

Formula Companies

Many formula companies offer free samples to their customers who sign up for their email lists or loyalty programs. 

1. Enfamil

Enfamil offers up to $400 worth of freebies, coupons, and samples when you sign up! There is also the “Enfamil Family Beginnings” that provides free giveaways and coupons which can help you afford supplies you need, diapers, and baby bags. However, your child must be 3 months old or less.

2. Similac

You will also receive samples, coupons and a nutrition guide when you sign up Similac Strength Moms. They also send items that you will need to make the process of mothering easier for you.

You can also ask your doctor for samples of diapers. Post on Facebook to ask for any formula coupons or leftover cans.

II. Free Diapers

You can ask for free samples and join reward programs to receive free diapers. Sign up to their mailing list and you will receive free diapers! The Huggies Rewards Program lets you collect points from diapers and other products and redeem them for free baby stuff such as gift certificates, coupons, and books. Pampers Club also offers a points program you can redeem.

Sign up on these sites to receive coupons or diapers for free.

You can also ask your local hospital and pediatrician for diapers free of charge! Ask for samples, they often have plenty!

National Diaper Bank Network

This network helps to get diapers into the hands of those who need them. Huggies founded this organization to raise awareness about this basic need. It collects diapers for those in need and distributes them.

III. Free Cribs

Free Cribs
Free Cribs?

Babies need more than food and diapers. They also need safe and secure places to sleep. Cribs for Kids, another national organization, partners with local organizations. Cribs For Kids provides portable cribs in Graco Pack ‘n Play(r), to families that can’t afford a crib. They collaborate with some 1,750 partners throughout the country.

IV. Free Breast Pump

It may be possible for your Canadian health insurance to cover the cost of a breast-pump. You will need a prescription from your doctor to get the pump. Then, you can apply for it through your insurance company. Double-check your coverage to make sure it is covered. You can request a free breast-pump in the USA through the Affordable Care Act or your insurance company. Participation in the ACA Marketplace requires that your insurance plan cover the purchase or rental of a breast pump.

V. Free Nursing Pillow

When it comes to nursing your baby, nursing pillows can be a lifesaver! These pillows can be used to support your baby and keep them close to you to make breastfeeding more comfortable. They can also be used to bottle-feed.

You can also use nursing pillows to support your baby’s back while they learn to sit. Get a free nursing pillow by using the code “NPillow”, which is available at the checkout. However, you’ll have to pay the shipping fee.

VI. Free Baby Sling

A baby sling allows you to snuggle up with your child while you do chores around the house or go shopping. This is a great way for your baby to be close and you can also free up your hands. SevenBaby gives you a free sling when you use the code “Name1”. However, you’ll need to cover the shipping costs.

VII. Free Car Seat Installation

Car seats are mandatory for children and infants. This keeps them safe and that’s why it’s important to have them. Visit your local fire department, they can help you install it for free.

VIII. Free Car Seat Canopy

Car seat canopies can be used to cover car seats and keep babies cool, comfortable, and out of direct sunlight. They can be machine washed and slid easily onto an infant car seat. Go to, and use the promo code “CodeName1”. You have the option of either the drape-over or jersey stretch styles. Simply add one to your cart and pay for shipping

IX. Free Children’s Books

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library program is a great one that gives children as young as 5 a book every month. Dolly Parton, a singer, started the program in 1995 to distribute books to Tennessee children. The program had become so popular that more than one million books were sent worldwide by 2003. Get a monthly, age-appropriate book for your child by signing up.

Other Help You Can Get Free Baby Stuff For Low-Income Families

The Salvation Army’s Prenatal Clinic

There is a prenatal clinic that offers OB/GYN and standard medical care. An option of prenatal program or traditional prenatal care is available. Their service includes acute care, family planning, well-child exams, and yearly exams. Please contact your local salvation army to find out if it’s available in your location.

WIC (Women, Infants, and Children)

This is a state-run program that helps low-income mothers in providing nutritious meals for their children. They do so by providing vouchers that can help get baby food, formula, and healthy food for pregnant mothers. Your family’s gross income should be below or at the federal guidelines to become eligible for the program. They help families with children that are 6 months up to 6 years of age.

Baby2Baby Infant Supplies

This program offers assistance to low-income families with children that are 0 – 13 years of age. They provide clothing assistance, free diapers, and other needs. However, this help is only available in 20 states. Visit the Baby2Baby website to learn more.


They are known for their reasonable prices and a big variety of choices, but not everyone can afford them. However, Walmart is giving away free samples, so start asking them for help. 


If you have a prime account at amazon, you may be eligible for free baby stuff for your baby. Register for “Jumpstart” to have $10 or more in their registry purchases. All you have to do after registering is click the “Claim Now”. Visit the Amazon page to learn more about this option.

Freecycle Network

You can also search online for the Freecycle Network. You can find used, but still free baby clothes through this network. This site is classified advertising, so be aware. Many people use the site to offer or donate baby clothes to those who are in dire need. Babies rarely stay in one size for very long. People often have baby clothes that they can pass on to others who may need them. The Freecycle Network helps people in need to connect with those who are willing to give.

Local Churches 

Check with your church affiliation to find out what items and services they may have. Many churches work with their members to help them in times of need. Churches can help you find a high chair, stroller or crib by reaching out to your membership.

Hospital and Pediatrician

Many formula and diaper companies offer free samples to pediatricians and hospitals. Don’t be afraid to let the hospital staff know that you have a baby and are in dire need. They will often pack a supply of formula and diapers for you when you leave the hospital.

Also, ask your pediatrician if there are any samples that they might have. They have them all the time and are always happy to give them to anyone who needs them. All you have to do is ask.

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