Free Tablet For Low-Income Families

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It would be wonderful if you could get a tablet for your family or a computer at a very affordable price, or even free. Access to the internet is a vital service that everyone knows. It’s difficult to survive in today’s world of pandemics without being able to communicate with loved ones, send emails, check the news and engage in remote learning. Although a tablet is easier than a smartphone for many of these tasks, the price of tablets can prove prohibitive.

It is not easy to find absolutely free tablets for people with low income. There are amazing deals on low-cost tablets and computers, and even better offers if you have children.

The Importance Of Affordable Or Free Tablet For Low-Income Families

It’s portable and can do everything a computer can. You can share your tablet with others in the house and each person can use it as they wish. Children in your family may use tablets for school, YouTube and TikTok. Adults can also use tablets to search for local job openings or apply online. In the age of COVID-19, it may be safer to apply online than in person.

Many jobs offer employees the chance to work remotely, as COVID-19 states. You can work these jobs from home if you have access to the internet and a tablet or computer. You will find information about affordable and free tablet as well as tips on how to access other hardware such as desktop or laptop.

Organizations To Contact For Free Tablet

Computer Technology Assistance Corps

The Computer Technology Assistance Corps is a non-profit organization that offers affordable desktop and laptop computers for low-income families. It also provides support to schools and religious organizations. They receive donations and refurbish them, then pass the savings on to the recipients.

Computers With Causes

Computers with Causes provides computer equipment and maybe, free tablet, to families and individuals in need. They allow people in need to apply online. It takes thirty days to process applications. It is important to note that accepting a computer donated by Computers With Causes could have an impact on certain government benefits, such as SNAP or SSDI. These computers and tablets are free to students for educational purposes.

Computers With Causes

The On It Foundation – Florida

The On It Foundation is a great place to start if you are in Florida looking for a computer for your child. Their name is “Opportunities Needed to Increase Technology” and they aim to increase technology access in low-resourced households, including K-12 students.

Florida residents can apply online for the program. You can also apply at the foundation’s physical locations. You can still take advantage of the foundation’s employment training opportunities and other resources.

Computers For Learning

Computers for Learning is a federally supported program that supports schools and organizations with digital devices.

This means they work with schools and not individuals. It is not an organization that can provide a quick solution to an immediate problem. If you meet the eligibility requirements and are a member of a school, this organization may be able to give free tablets to all students.

Computers For Kids – Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Utah

Computers for Kids was created to provide computers and tablets at a low cost to children, as the name suggests. It is designed to give this equipment to students enrolled in school, or directly to schools and non-profit organizations. Computers for Kids doesn’t have any income requirements, unlike some other organizations mentioned in this article. Computers for Kids also provides a donation to help low-income applicants offset the high cost of equipment.

This charity supports people in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. They are an authorized Microsoft refurbisher and have donated more than 50,000 computers to charity since 2002. It works like this: people donate their old computers and tablets, and the organization refurbishes them, then makes the equipment affordable. Even though the equipment will be refurbished, your children can still use it as if they were brand new.


Interconnection was initially designed to serve the Seattle area. However, you don’t need to be a Seattle resident to take advantage of the services offered by this site. The organization also accepts donated devices and then refurbishes them for sale at affordable prices. In some occasion, they may give a tablet for free to support low-income families.

The site allows you to search for specific tablet and computer models, or browse the products in the regular online store and This online store is for shoppers with low income. The equipment is often covered by a 1-year warranty. Both stores offer incredible deals. Remember that stock is constantly changing so bookmark this page and check back often.

Other Factors To Be Aware Of When Looking For Free Tablet

You are probably focusing on getting the equipment that you want. It is a good idea to gather all the information before you begin filling out applications. Most of the organizations mentioned above will ask you to prove income. You should have easy access to tax returns from last year that can prove your income.

Other Factors To Be Aware Of When Looking For Free Tablet

Some organizations also require students to do community service hours in order to be eligible for a free tablet. Make sure to read the fine print about how to document these hours and where to send documentation.

Last but not least, remember that your school may have specific requirements for tablets you purchase for your child. This can often mean that the tablet must be deleted from social media and other messenger functions before it is allowed to be taken into class.

Affordable Internet Access

Getting the tablet is just half of the battle. You will get the best use of your tablet if you have reliable internet access.

Many families that meet the income requirements of these organizations are eligible for the Affordable Connectivity Program. The government program offers eligible households a discount on broadband services and connected devices.

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