Grants for Single Mothers in Denver and Colorado Springs

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If you are looking for single-mom government grants or financial assistance in the state of Colorado, start with the cities of Denver and Colorado Springs. Studies have confirmed that the earnings of single moms residing in these towns are hardly sufficient for them and their children.

Colorado single moms who live in Denver and Colorado Springs have much financial support and assistance. If you happen to be a single mother who needs these aids, you might want to take advantage of the programs below.

However, single moms in Aurora, CO, can use the provided link for assistance.

Denver Health Financial Assistance Program

The Denver Health Financial Assistance Program (DFAP) is a healthcare program that aims to pay for healthcare rendered by Denver Health givers. DFAP is available for single mothers and locals who are not eligible for Medicaid, CHP+, or CICP.

They take the size of the household and the amount of income into account during qualification. DFAP does not represent health insurance. With other health insurance plans, including Medicaid and Medicare, applicants could not use this service.

DFAP Medical Care

DFAP is a benefit project that aims to minimize the costs of care provided at Denver Health to low-income residents. For all healthcare services, patients have to give fixed fee payments. The amount charged will depend on what kind of care or service was necessary.

Your sole fee is just this payment. Single mothers can qualify for such a program in Denver. In specific ways, the new payment system would decrease healthcare costs. You will only need to accept charges for treatment in emergency cases.

DFAP Dental Care

DFAP also includes assistance for some Denver County residents by covering the Dental Services charge for those who have no insurance or who are not under a program of medical aid. Approval relies heavily on resources, earnings, and family size.

DFAP Dental pays a portion of some of these dental services so that they won’t bill the entire sum to the client. Patients benefit from DFAP Dental by paying a part of the cost for the services provided. This percentage is based on earnings, resources, and household size. An emergency case is the sole exception. Before receiving services, the clients are expected to make a deposit payment. Earnings, household size, and resources are formulated in the account. Single mothers in Denver with low wages could qualify and get benefits.

For any further information on registering and qualification requirements about the Denver Health Financial Assistance Program, feel free to visit their website.

Medical And Dental Care 28

Emergency and Cash Assistance in El Paso County

When you’re a single mother facing tough times in El Paso County, there are lifelines you can turn to, and I’ve been through some of them. Let me share what I know about two vital sources of assistance: Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs and The Salvation Army, El Paso County branch.

Catholic Charities Of Colorado Springs

Catholic Charities of Colorado Springs

Catholic Charities operates the Hanifen Center, a place that truly understands the fundamental needs of individuals, single mothers, and families like ours. Their programs cover a wide range of essential services, including shelter and rent assistance, accommodation, career counseling, transportation, life skills, schooling support, mental health services, medical care, skills training, and referrals for childcare.

What’s reassuring is that they might also provide financial aid for specific emergency expenses, although the amount can be limited. For more program details and to explore your options, you can reach out to them at (719) 636-2345.

The Salvation Army, El Paso County Branch

Another invaluable resource is The Salvation Army’s El Paso County Branch in Colorado Springs. This nonprofit agency is a lifeline for individuals, single mothers, and households facing financial difficulties. Their family services encompass cash grants and various types of assistance, including rent assistance, aid with energy bills, free clothing and food, Christmas assistance, and support for other emergency needs.

The Salvation Army of Colorado Springs serves a significant need, addressing over 36,000 demands annually. Moreover, they provide around 8,000 emergency meals in the El Paso area, benefiting seniors, the homeless, the elderly, and others in need. If you need assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact them at (719) 636-3891.

Their centers are conveniently located at:

  • 908 Yuma St. in Colorado Springs – Call them at (719) 635-1287
  • 901 S. Sante Fe Ave. Fountain, Colorado 80817 – Reach them at (719) 382-9230

These centers are dedicated to providing immediate assistance to those in need, including struggling single mothers, older adults, and the homeless. Their commitment to our community is unwavering, and I’ve experienced their support firsthand.

If you’re facing challenging times, don’t hesitate to reach out to them at the provided numbers. They are a compassionate resource ready to lend a helping hand when it’s needed most.

Foreclosure Assistance Colorado Springs

Facing the prospect of foreclosure can be overwhelming, and it’s something I’ve personally experienced. In Colorado Springs, there are dedicated organizations ready to help homeowners in distress, and here are two of them that have made a real difference in my life.

Pikes Peak Foreclosure Prevention Partnership

This organization goes beyond providing programs and resources; they work with homeowners like me to find practical solutions. They negotiate with mortgage companies, banks, and lenders to help you stay in your home. If you’re struggling to make payments, they can guide you in seeking cash support or financial assistance from your loved ones.

Importantly, if you’re currently employed, they may assist you in securing a second mortgage to update the first one. Additionally, they collaborate with other local non-profit organizations and charities to provide short-term assistance during difficult times. To take the first step towards securing your home, you can reach them at (719) 444-8833 and schedule an appointment.

Consumer Credit Counseling Service

Located at 5265 N Academy Blvd., Suite 1000, in Colorado Springs, the Consumer Credit Counseling Service is a trusted resource with HUD approval. I’ve found their expertise invaluable in dealing with mortgage-related challenges.

They specialize in addressing abusive loans, helping homeowners avoid foreclosures, and providing counseling services to distressed borrowers like me. What sets them apart is their ability to directly engage with banks and lenders to negotiate foreclosure settlements. You can reach them at (719) 598-2227.

I hope my firsthand experience can provide you with the reassurance you need during this challenging time.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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