Grants for Single Mothers in Iowa

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Iowa provides financial aid, food stamps, health and wellness, and other assistance to single-parent and low-income families.

As a single mom, are you looking for opportunities to apply for grants? Residents of Iowa will be able to find out where they can apply for help on this list. However, if you’re looking for a personal grant in a different state, follow the link provided.

Single-Parent Financial Aid and Grants in Iowa

Family Investment Program

The Family Investment Program, which is part of Iowa’s Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program, can help. Similarly, they will assist single moms in need of temporary cash aid if they reach income and job criteria. If you have any questions or would like to apply for FIP benefits, you can visit your county DHS office or call the Department of Human Services Field Operations at 515-281-6899.

Food Assistance Program

The Iowa Department of Human Services provides food assistance to low-income families who qualify. Participants in the program can purchase new, healthy foods for their families due to the program. Call the Assistance Hotline at 1-877-347-5678 to register for food assistance.

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Child Care Assistance

The Department of Human Services offers the Child Care Assistance Program to help working parents find affordable child care for their children. Child Care Assistance is provided when applicants meet income and job criteria, so you may check your eligibility by calling the Centralized Child Care Assistance Eligibility Unit at 866-448-4605.

Iowa Health and Wellness Plan

If low-income families meet all program criteria, the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan provides comprehensive healthcare coverage. Call the DHS Hotline at 1-877-347-5678 to apply for healthcare assistance if you are a single mother.

Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa

HAWK-I is a medical support service for children from low-income households. The program is designed to meet children’s medical and dental needs under the age of 19. If you meet the income criteria and are not already covered by any public healthcare plan, you will apply to have your children covered. Contact the HAWK-I office at 1-800-257-8563 if you have any questions.

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Unemployment Insurance

The Iowa Unemployment Insurance Administration will help single moms searching to get unemployment benefits. You can contact the Customer Service Team at 888-848-7442 if you want to file a claim.

Iowa Tuition Grant

The Iowa Tuition Grant is available to low-income families whose children are enrolled in an Iowa private college or university. The grant’s funding is limited by available money, but it can cover up to four years of full-time study. To see if your children are eligible for this grant, enquire by calling the Local College Aid’s Information Service Center at 877-272-4456.

Head Start and Early Head Start

You could be eligible for either the Head Start or the Early Head Start Programs. However, you must meet the income criteria for your children to receive quality early childhood education and childcare they offer. The Iowa Department of Education is in charge of both services. Therefore, you may apply for assistance by calling 1-866-763-6481.


Iowa’s Department of Human Services is in charge of the Temporary Assistance to Needy Families program. If you are a single mom who meets the job and income criteria and requires a temporary cash loan to pay for basic needs, including food, schooling, or housing, you can apply for TANF. You can contact the Assistance Office at 1-800-972-2017 if you need help applying for benefits.

In conclusion, single mothers in Iowa have a wealth of services available to them, including financial grants, to ensure that their children live happy, safe lives.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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