Single Mothers Grants in New Brunswick, New Jersey

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There are a variety of hardship grants for single mothers available for the residents of New Brunswick, New Jersey. The following programs listed may offer services at no cost or may require low monthly payments.

Single Mothers Grants in New Brunswick

Cash Assistance for Single Mothers

The Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF), connected with the WorkFirst NJ provides cash assistance to low-income families. Individuals without children can receive cash benefits for up to five years through General Assistance (GA). 

To apply for the program, contact your local welfare office in New Brunswick. For Middlesex County offices, call (732) 745-3500.

Help with Food for Single Mothers

There are SNAP Outreach dates of Community Food Bank of New Jersey for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Contact a coordinator at 1-800-609-36663 or email them. 

A Community Kitchen, Kids Cafe, and Family Pack program are included in the organization. A mobile pantry and Emergency Assistance Pantry (EAP) are available. Call (609) 383-843 to speak with an EAP representative or email them.

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Housing benefits for Single Mothers

Catholic Charities Diocese of Metuchen offers transitional houses and emergency shelters. Homeless families and women in Edison, inquire about the Ozanam family shelter at (732) 985-0327. Men in New Brunswick, inquire about Ozanam Inn at (732) 729 0850. For mothers in New Brunswick, inquire about Naomi’s Way at 732 565-7974 to find transitional housing.

To get more information, call 1-732-324-8200 or ask through the online form.

Utilities help for Single Mothers

Learn about eligibility based on income and enrollment for the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance (LIHEAP) program. Download an application form online and send it to your Middlesex County application agency. Contact them at (800) 510-3102 for further inquiries.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

Lifeline’s monthly discounts are offered to Verizon phone users who meet the low-income requirements. The services are only available to one household and can only be used for landline or wireless phones. If you are eligible, apply online.

Help with Childcare

The New Jersey Division of Family Development provides programs that will provide childcare at home, in a licensed center, or at an approved provider’s home for parents who are in need of support with childcare.

Contact them at 1-800-332-9227 to reach the helpline. Call (732) 324-4357 to get in touch with the Community Child Care Solutions for Middlesex County. Call the Middlesex County Board of Social Services at (732) 745-3500.

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Help with Medical and Dental Care

Affordable Medicaid health plans for state residents that meet income requirements are offered by New Jersey. Another form of affordable health insurance is offered by NJ FamilyCare. For additional information, call 1-800-701-0710. See if you’re eligible and apply now through their website

See the list of free and income-based clinics throughout New Brunswick that provides services such as dental care, mental health, and women’s health.

For questions about Medicaid, call 1-800-356-1561. Get more information by calling the Middlesex County Board of Social Services at (732) 756-3500.

Help with Legal Matters

The Central Jersey Legal Services is a non-profit organization that works with low-income residents. They assist with many housing issues such as evictions, foreclosures, and more. Call the New Brunswick office at (732) 247-9600 to determine your eligibility or email them.

Help with Financial Counseling

The Family Guidance Center assists people with financial problems. They provide SSI recipients with housing, debt management services, and representative payee services. Call 609-586-2574 to make an appointment or visit the Consumer Credit Counseling Hamilton office.

Help from Other Groups

The Salvation Army New Brunswick Corps offers the public in need a variety of services including after-school programs, childcare services, clothing distributions, and feeding programs. For more information, call them at (732) 5545-1477.

Struggling to pay your bills may become unbearable. Remember that you can always reach out to the community organizations that are willing to lend a hand.

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