Single Mothers Grants in Racine, Wisconsin

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Single mothers can get assistance from the State of Wisconsin. This page contains information about the programs and grants available to single mothers in Racine.

Grants for single mothers in Racine, Wisconsin

Cash Assistance

Wisconsin Works assists single mothers find work and provide funds for a one-time cash loan. You may be eligible for benefits if you work and have minor children. To start your application, call the W-2 Help Line at (414-227-4633) or visit the website.

Help With Food

Wisconsin’s FoodShare program provides supplemental food assistance to single mothers aiming to feed their families with healthy food. Find out if you and your family are eligible for benefits online or by calling the Member Services Office at 1-866-362-3002.

Help With Shelter and Housing

If you meet the program requirements, you can get Housing Choice Vouchers to help you pay your rent at the home you choose. Purchase a family home with the help of the vouchers. For more information or to inquire about your eligibility, call the Housing Authority of Racine County at 262-636-3405 or visit their website.

Help With Energy and Utilities

The Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) provides support to single mothers to reduce their home’s energy costs through weatherization programs and utility bills. To be eligible for benefits, applicants must meet income and work requirements. Submit an online request or call Energy Services, Inc. at 262-633-6000 to find out if you are eligible.

Help With Childcare

Wisconsin Shares Child Care Subsidy Program assists single mothers with the costs of child care expenses. Their children should be enrolled in approved institutions to be eligible. They can work while still being able to pay for child care services. Apply online, or call the Department of Children and Families at (414) 289-5893.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

BadgerCare Plus is Wisconsin’s public health assistance program. BadgerCare is part of the Medicaid block grant and can be used to provide coverage for your family’s medical and dental care at low or no cost. Visit the website to apply or call the Medicaid Hotline at 1 888 409-1979.

Help With Financial Counseling

GreenPath, a financial counseling agency that supports single mothers with managing their finances and taking control of their debts. To start your counseling program, call the office at 800-550-1961 or visit their website.

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Help From Other Groups

Single mothers can be assisted by the Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization in order to achieve self-sufficiency through housing assistance. Contact the office at 262-633-3235 to speak with a member of the case management team, or visit the website for more information about how HALO could help you.

We hope that Racine single mothers found this post helpful and gained the information they need to apply for assistance.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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