Single Mothers Grants in Sparks, Nevada

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The city of Sparks, NV is willing to help any person or family in need through their grants for single moms.

Grants for single moms in Sparks

Cash Assistance for Single Mothers

Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF), provides cash assistance to residents of Sparks, NV. There are many types of benefits available for single parents, couples, legal guardians, and other qualified people. Call (775) 824-7400 or your local financial aid office in Sparks.

Food assistance for Single Mothers

Nevadans with low income participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. Download an application online, mail it in or visit your local welfare office.

The Food Bank of Northern Nevada offers immediate food assistance, based on current distribution locations and times. Email them or call them at (775) 331-3663 to learn more

Food Assistance For Single Mothers

Help with Shelter and Housing

Northern Nevada has many shelter and housing programs. The Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada (CCN) and the St. Vincent’s Programs aim to alleviate poverty and homelessness. Contact the River House in Sparks by calling (775) 785-4006, or by sending them an email

Reno-Sparks Gospel Mission can be reached at (775) 329-0485 for immediate shelter. There are several shelters nearby in Reno, including the North Star in Sparks too.

Sparks offers a number of low-income homes and apartments to those that meet income requirements.

Help with Energy and Utilities

The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) provides a discount on your monthly energy bill. Contact the Energy Assistance Program of Northern Nevada online, by calling  (775) 684-0730 or (800) 992-0900.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

The Lifeline Nevada Plan provides a low-cost monthly rate phone and internet service. You can find out your eligibility on their website, or call 1-866-901-0152.

Child Care assistance

The list of child care programs is available from the Office of Early Care and Education. For child care assistance in Northern Nevada, submit an online request, visit the Sparks welfare office, or call (775) 824-7400.

Child Care 6

Help with Medical and Dental Care

One or more forms of health assistance offered by the Nevada Division of Welfare are available to apply to. Low-income families and individuals can apply for Medicaid. The Medical Assistance to Aged Blind and Disabled (MAABD) is available for the elderly and disabled.

Find a list with addresses and forms for medical assistance on the welfare website. For more information, please contact the Sparks local medical assistance office.

There are free and income-based healthcare clinics available for those with low income and people without insurance in Sparks, NV.

Help with Legal Matters

Washoe Legal Services offers free legal representation for qualified individuals in Washoe County. They assist with landlord-tenant disputes, family law, and housing discrimination cases. Check if you meet the income requirements before proceeding to call Reno at  (775) 329-2727 or apply online.

Help with Financial Counseling

ACCC Credit Counseling assists people in dire need of financial counseling. Get advice on everything from bankruptcy to housing. Start your application by calling 800-769-3571 or online.

Help from Other Groups

The Financial Guidance Center in Nevada provides advice about managing debt and poverty. Get job training advice from JOIN, Inc. For assistance, visit their website or call (775) 785-6106. The Community Services Agency in Reno offers programs that offer job assistance and energy-saving programs.

These Sparks organizations can assist you if you are in need of assistance.

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