Single Mothers Grants in Vineland, New Jersey

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Learn how Vineland, New Jersey can help you get your finances in order through financial grants for single moms on this page.

Grants for single moms in Vineland, NJ

Cash Grants

Cumberland County Division of Social Services offers cash assistance programs called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and General Assistance (GA). Eligibility requirements must be met before you can apply online or in person. You can call (856) 691-4600 during regular business hours.

Food assistance

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can provide assistance If you have the required income and residency. Find links to SNAP at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey website. Reach a FoodBank SNAP Outreach Coordinator at 1-800-609-3663 for inquiries.

The Emergency Assistance Pantry (EAP), a food pantry that allows low-income individuals to buy food. Contact them through their email or call (609) 383-8843 to make an appointment and check the locations and times of distribution for the CFBNJ mobile pantries.

Email the CFBNJ for information about the Family Pack program which provides lunches to children attending school at no cost. Find additional food assistance programs and services on the website.

Shelter and Housing Assistance

The Center For Family Services offers shelters, transitional housing, and affordable long-term housing. The Helping Hands provides foster care for children, call them at 1-877-9-ACCESS or email them.T  The Housing and Urban Development (HUD), has a list of shelters located in Cumberland County. The Salvation Army in Vineland and can be reached at (856) 696-5050.

Shelter And Housing Assistance

Energy and Utilities grants

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides energy assistance. Download the application after checking if you qualify, then mail or drop the application off at the nearest agency. Ask about the energy assistance by calling 1 (800) 510-3102.

Help with Telephone and Internet Bills

The Lifeline discount program can help reduce your Verizon service costs. Provide them proof that you require phone assistance. Send the completed application online and to your phone company.

Help with Childcare

Both home-based and school-based childcare programs are offered by the Division of Family Development. State subsidies are available too, which are the Child Care Subsidy Program (CSP) and WFNJ. You can apply online or by calling Rutgers Southern Regional CCR&R (856) 462-6800. Learn more about these programs by calling 1-800-332-9227, or call Cumberland County Board of Social Services (856) 691-4600.

Child Care

Help with Medical and Dental Care

Medicaid is available to NJ residents. Call 1-800-356-1561, or the Cumberland County Board of Social Services (856) 691-4600. The NJ FamilyCare offers health insurance to qualified individuals. Download an application or apply online. Both Medicaid and NJ FamilyCare health insurance cover dental care, doctor’s visits, and prescription drugs.

Help with Legal Matters

South Jersey Legal Services, Inc. provides legal services to the low-income residents of Cumberland County. They assist with cases like public benefits, bankruptcy, and tenant-landlord conflicts. Reach them at 1-800-496-4570 or (856) 691-0494,  email them, or stop by the office.

Help with Financial Counseling

Family Guidance Center offers consumer credit counseling to NJ residents. Find help with debt management and home ownership. They can help you avoid foreclosures and advise first-time buyers. Call the center at (609) 586-0668.

Help from Other Groups

The Salvation Army Vineland offers a food pantry and a free eye clinic. It provides childcare, clothing distribution, shelters for the homeless, and after-school programs. Learn more by calling the office at (856) 696-5050.

The Family Guidance Center offers treatment for substance abuse and mental disorders, family preservation, Medicare assistance, and prenatal screening.

There are many financial assistance programs that can be found at the federal, state, and local levels. It is worth your time to apply as they will most likely direct you to someone who can help.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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