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3 Easy Tips to Help Manage Stress as a Single Mom

These days our lives are filled with a lot of ‘to-do’s on our list. Add children to the mix and we are now the managers of their lists too. Couple that with being a single parents and it can be overwhelming to think about all that has to be done during the day.

I have polled all of my other single mom friends and the number one thing they all wish they could manage better is Stress and The Single Mom.

Lori Pace with Kids

I have been a single mom for almost two years now. I got a taste of it in my marriage because my ex-husband was never around. But the reality of the ‘never gets a break‘, ‘only adult in the house’, ‘how am I going to do it all?’ feeling did not really hit until he was out of the house for a little while.  The first time I had one up all night, one needing to be at school and one with a fever all at once, the reality hit.

But as I have grown as a mom and a woman, I have learned that I can only do what I can do. Though stress is a huge part of my day, so is the desire to alleviate as much of it as I can. If for no other reason than to be a more present mother for my kids.

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Here are some of my best tips for managing stress as a single mom!

Tip #1. Make time for YOU

I don’t care if it means putting the kids to bed an hour early, we need down time to recharge and feel complete. I have been known to put my kids to bed early, grab my tablet, and play some mean rounds of Candy Crush! The mindless activity makes me feel like I really got away. I feel somewhat refreshed on my craziest days.

Tip #2. Complain to Someone

OK, maybe don’t complain, but talk. When things seem out of control and the shoulders tense up, sometimes just putting your feelings into words to a friend, parent or someone who is paid to listen can relieve a lot of that stress! Talking it out can help you work through problems and get a new perspective from the other person!

Tip #3. Relax

Easier said than done, I know. But accepting that things are going to go off kilter every once in a while can help when they do hit. I know that between managing everything from bills to the house to tantrums, something else will probably come along to add some additional stress. I breathe deeply and accept it and then get to work solving the issue.

Sometimes the dishes pile up. Sometimes I have to spend an entire day that my kids are with their dad doing a mass amount of laundry. Sometimes I feel I sleep standing up.

But I would not change the fact that I get to raise these kids every day. And that is the only real task I have to do. The only one that matters most.

I would not change that stress for the world.

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  1. Hi, Lori!

    I loved your post and think you nailed it. Thanks for reminding us single moms that we need to take care of ourselves first so we can take care of our kiddos!



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