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An MBA can sound intimidating at first, but many people say it was one of the best career decisions of their lives. Also, we think women in managerial positions are amazing, and we support them all the way. Therefore, this article looks at all the exciting MBA scholarships available for women in 2021.

According to Mancosa, the jobs you can get with an MBA are: 

  • Global Business Manager is tasked with improving a company’s efficiency, effectiveness, and profit globally.
  • Operations Managers hold an organization together. They are responsible for all operations: people, budgets, project delivery, and strategy.
  • Financial Controller: This is a senior accounting position. You ensure that all accounting records comply with the relevant legislation and industry norms.
  • Information Systems Managers set up and maintain an organization’s computer and network systems and manage a team of IT professionals.
  • Investment Banker: This is primarily a financial advisor to corporations and even governments
  • Management Consultant: A Management Consultant works with company leadership to identify problems, gather information, and find solutions.
  • Private Equity Managers use investor’s money to fund acquisitions.
  • Commercial Bankers work in financial institutions that offer financial products to individuals and businesses.
  • Venture Capitalists are private equity investors that provide capital to those companies which exhibit high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake.
  • Hospital Manager: She will supervise daily administrative operations in a hospital by monitoring expenses, suggesting cost-effective solutions, and creating quarterly and annual budgets.

FAQ’s for Studying an MBA

Do you need to have good scores in math?

The short answer is “yes.” You don’t need to be a fully-fledged mathematician (thanks Pythagoras for doing the leg work for us). Still, you will need to be interested in numbers. You will need to have excellent analytical or quantitative skills, so if your maths is a bit rusty, maybe invest in a refresher course.

How long does it take to study for an MBA?

Whether you study full or part-time, it takes about 2 years.

What classes are included in an MBA? What will you learn?

An MBA typically includes accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior, economics, and business ethics.

Is getting an MBA worth the cost?

It depends on which field you want to end up in. The consensus is that studying for an MBA makes you infinitely more employable.

Is it expensive?

It definitely can be. A two-year MBA from a top business school could set you back $100 000! Time to look for grants or scholarships.

But let’s quickly check what you can earn once you have an MBA

According to the GMAC survey, graduates in the products/services industry could expect a 59% increase in salary after studying an MBA, Non-profit / Government: 45% increase, and Technology a 35% increase.

I’d say that’s pretty staggering.

From Momager to Manager

So, let’s talk about money. No one is a true altruist. Yes, that is quite a cynical view, but I think it’s mostly true. At heart, we all have pre-historic, pre-verbal drives that make us want to hit each other over the head and grab each other’s ice creams.

Not all women want to nurture and make peace or grow gardens. Many of us would love to make as much money as possible, cut and run.

As selfish as that sounds, it is vital to take care of number 1 to have the strength to take care of others. The classic, “put your oxygen mask on before you help children with their masks in an emergency” situation.

Let’s look at some MBA Scholarships for Women:

The Forte MBA Fellows Program for Women offers fellowships and networks to women wanting to study an MBA

Fincad Women in Finance Scholarship Program is a Scholarship for women of any age or citizenship studying finance.

Microsoft Research Women’s Fellowships provide funding for women studying for a Ph.D. and in need of financial assistance.

Adobe Research Women in Technology Scholarship is open to women in computer science.

Nestle MBA Scholarship – Nestle provides scholarships to women in developing countries through this grant.

The Association for Women in Mathematics grants various scholarships for women pursuing careers in computer science.

The Vanguard Women in Information Technology Scholarship gives merit to women in any computer field related to Information Technology.

AFFIRM Student Scholarship offers to fund students pursuing careers in the IT industry.

HP Scholar Program offers to fund minority undergraduate students pursuing careers in computer sciences.

Zonta International promotes women’s rights, professional status, and well-being globally.

Which other scholarships are there?

The Jane M. Klausman Women in Business Scholarship is awarded to women studying business management at an undergraduate or Master’s level.

Strathclyde Business School International MBA School in the UK looks for candidates who demonstrate excellent academic performance and leadership qualities. This university also offers the Data Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship International Scholarship for students who want to study the management and policy aspects of science, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Star Education Fund at Monash University, Malaysia – This program is not strictly for women in business. Still, they fund Malaysian women in almost all undergraduate degrees.

Salford Business School Postgraduate International Excellence Scholarship UK This grant is awarded to global students who want to study for a postgraduate business degree in the UK.

The MBA international awards at Swansea University in the UK provide financial support to international students studying for an MBA at their university.

The Curtin University Master of Management funding for International Students in Australia looks for outstanding students wanting to study for an MBA at Curtin University.

The Global MBA International Scholarship at De Montfort University offers financial support regarding a course fee reduction to full-time students.

The International Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarship at Schiller International University USA also provide funding to students studying, amongst others, an MBA.

Keele University Marshall funding for North American Students has established the Marshall Scholarship to assist the student in pursuing any degree at Keele.

Executive MBA Bucharest Scholarships for International Students at WU Executive Academy Austria is for students of any nationality to apply for any Masters degree.

Final Words

In conclusion, we hope you’ve found what you’re looking for and see a future for your MBA studies. Although getting a scholarship to study for an MBA is certainly not easy, there are many funding options out there, which are definitely worth the effort. However, if you haven’t found the perfect scholarships for women, be it MBA or not, check out the appropriate link for more scholarship ideas.

Please give it a go!

Lori Pace
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