Why Do Men Like Younger Women?

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Last Updated on January 19, 2024 by Lori Pace

It is not a new trend for older men to seek out younger women. It’s almost a cliché. It can be very frustrating for women. Online dating sites often show profiles of men older than them, who are seeking women younger than they are.

Women may feel the need to scream and abandon the men around them. Are these just older men looking for younger women to have sex? Or are there other reasons why older men might want to pursue younger women? Here is my opinion, and it includes both good and bad reasons.

Some Negative Reasons Why Men Like Younger Women

In Denial About His Age

It is common for older people to say that they feel younger than they really are. Sometimes, older men can appear younger than they actually are. It’s not unusual for men to deny the effects of time on their bodies or appearances. He might think he looks younger than he actually is and may see himself as more contemporary with younger women.

Wants To Celebrate His Success

A financially secure older man has likely worked hard and made many sacrifices to reach his financial goals. He might now be able to travel, live comfortably, or retire. A younger, more attractive woman could be the cherry on top. He may be able to provide the security and attention that a younger man will not be able to. 

A man might see his greatest achievement as the companionship of a younger lady. He is confident and comfortable to pursue the woman he has always longed for, although he may not have been able to do so before.

Men Date Younger Women Because He Wants An Ego Boost

Men Date Younger Women Because He Wants An Ego Boost

As a man grows older, he wants to be attractive, relevant and respected. Younger women may find his wisdom, experience, and achievements to be remarkable and may show their appreciation freely. His success may be outmatched by some contemporary women. If a woman begins to compare resumes, compete with him or criticize him, that’s fine. A woman who accepts a man as he is and lets him shine occasionally will be more successful with any man, regardless of his age.

On the Rebound

A man may want to look at his options if he is leaving a relationship because of a divorce, separation, or death. He might feel like a child in a candy shop realizing that there are many sweet choices available to him. Men may choose to date younger women if the women around him seem angry, jaded, or remind him of his ex-wife or lover. He may decide to try this as a temporary experiment or fall in love.

Revenge Dating

Revenge Dating
It’s bad if the happiness is just simply for revenge.

Sometimes older men will choose to date younger women to prove that they can. His ego might have suffered if things went badly. He may need to be reassured that he is still attractive.

He wants to be seen as a man and show his ex, possibly by showing her that he is capable of quickly replacing her with someone younger and more attractive.

Some Positive Reasons Why Men Like Younger Women

Finally Ready To Have Kids

Many men are focused on achieving their education and their career goals, as well as financial security, long into their twenties and beyond. Although it may not seem important at first, some men will decide that they want to have children. The chances of a man realizing this realization is greater if he has a younger woman who can have his biological children. And of course, it should be that he is serious about her.

Simply Feeling Attraction

Feeling Attraction Dating

There are many reasons a man might choose to date a younger girl, but it is possible for attraction to occur between people that seem unlikely to be a match. The most obvious answer may be the best, regardless of all the possible reasons. He is simply attracted to the person he likes and will choose to date that person.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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