Help With Bills In Florida

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Utility assistance is a key tool in helping low-income families save money to provide the best possible life for their children. Florida single mothers can benefit from the many programs that help with bills offered by various companies and organizations to take care of their children.

Utility Bills Help In Florida

Duke Energy 

The Energy Neighbor Fund provides assistance to low-income families and individuals who are facing unexpected energy bills or costs. These funds are distributed through local service agencies and social charities. You may use the grant to pay for electricity, cooling and gas as well as bills.

Peoples Gas 

Duke Energy

A natural gas company that offers financial assistance and payment plans for customers with low incomes. They also offer reductions on monthly gas bills. This is a great way for single mothers to cut down on their heating bills.

Healthcare And Medical Bills Help In Florida

The Community Health Centers

Primary healthcare services are provided to the community. The Medicaid program is a medical assistance program that helps single mothers and low-income earners get affordable healthcare services. Income determines who is eligible for the Medicaid program. 

Both the federal and state governments cover the Medicaid program’s costs. The eligibility of individuals and families is determined by the Social Security Administration (SSI) and the Department of Children and Families(DCF). This program is for:

  1. Women who are pregnant
  2. Families with low-income children
  3. SSI is not available to seniors
  4. Children
  5. People with disabilities are not eligible for SSI
  6. Non-citizens who have medical emergencies

Transportation And Food & Meals Help

Wheels of Success

Wheels Of Success

Non-profit organization offering a range of transportation solutions. They offer assistance for low-income families with down payments, car repair, vehicle replacement, car payment, licensing, and car payment. 

The applicant must be employed full-time or have a job offer. Agency or employer email addresses are used to send recommendations. Candidates must be at least 50 years old and unable to return to work because of transportation problems.

The Feeding Florida Organization 

A food bank that provides nutritious, healthy food to those in need. As an alternative to other agencies, their Mobile Pantry Program provides food assistance for individuals and families in high-need areas. They deliver the food hampers to the beneficiaries by truck in pre-packed boxes. 

Through a similar distribution method to the farmer’s market, they can choose the items that they want. This program provides assistance in many areas. It also expands the Feeding America network’s reach. Flexible and quick delivery of food supply as well as grocery products, such as meat, bread, and produce, is possible.

Household Items And Clothes Help

The Mustard Seed 

Furniture, household goods, appliances, linens and towels, as well as home decor, are provided to people in need. They furnish homes for both eligible individuals and families. This program aims to assist a variety of individuals, including those in transition from homelessness or drug rehab recovery and those suffering domestic abuse, financial hardships, economic difficulties, and natural catastrophes. Their mission is to help families and individuals rebuild their lives after a tragedy or disaster by providing clothing and household furniture.

Positive Spin, Inc. 

This organization works to support single mothers and their children in a healthy way. They offer youth services, child nurturing, and family empowerment. A wide range of services is offered, including job training, housing assistance, child care support, counselling, family counselling, and essential needs like clothing, furniture, utility assistance, transport, and emergency food assistance. Positive Spin works closely with single families to ensure their independence and allow them to provide for and protect their families.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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