20 Cute Styles for Little Girl Haircut

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Last Updated on September 1, 2023 by Lori Pace

Young age is a wonderful time to experiment with your appearance, try new styles and be stunning. Unfortunately, people get more conservative as they get older. Young girls have many options for how to style their hair, regardless of length or color. This article will reveal 20 cute styles we suggest for little girl haircut.

It’s important to make a wise decision about your haircut. This will be the foundation for all future styles. You want it to be easy to wear every day, but also allow for more extravagant styles when you go out. The rule of thumb is that shorter hair means less freedom. This is a controversial statement because modern haircuts often combine contrasting textures, unusual angles, and stately edges, which gives you more options to make each look different.

Styles for Little Girl Haircut

Straighten your hair for a clean look

A short haircut for little girls is cute and classic. A wavy, blonde bob can be a great choice for little girls. It’s easy to manage and it will look good. Simply air dry and then run (or walk) out the door. Easy is the best word when you have a toddler girl to keep track of.

Cute pink strip of color

Cute hairstyles for girls are often all about the details. You can have fun with your little one and add quirky touches. A funky pink hairdo down the side of a girl’s head is a great way for her to look more youthful and modern.

Angled Lob Cut for Little Girl Hair

Angled Lob Cut

Little girls may be very particular about the style of their hair. It’s important to keep it simple and flattering for all textures. For short hair, a bob cut at an angle is a good option. This style will please both you and your little girl.

Beautiful long layers

Change your child’s Plain Jane shoulder length haircut. You can give your little one dimension and shape by adding layers to the bottom of her medium haircut. Although the effect is minimal, it can make a big difference to the look of your hair. The layers add life to the look, making it more dynamic and more manageable.

High-Low Haircut for Little Girl

Medium and short haircuts are for girls that include chin-length blunt hairstyles. Your little girl deserves a stylish hairstyle that is trendy and fashionable. You can give your little one a chic, edgy, but cute bob. This cut is easy to style and manage, which makes it a great choice for busy moms.

Textured Bob for Straight Fine Hair

Textured Bob for Straight Fine Hair
Source: Child Insider

Fine hair can be styled in a medium length bob with a slight texture. The haircut for girls should be easy to style. The hair will look shiny and sun-kissed with the honey-blonde color.

Medium Haircut with Layers of V-Cut for Little Girl

Medium Haircut with Layers of V-Cut for Little Girl

Cute haircuts can come in many styles and lengths, as you are likely to know. A fashionable haircut with many layers at the ends can be a good option for thick hair. This fun fringe looks great on bright brunettes.

Chin-Length Rounded Bob For Girls

Chin-Length Rounded Bob For Girls
Source: Hairstyle Camp

It can be difficult for young girls with fine hair to manage. It’s possible to keep her hair neat and tidy by cutting it into a bob that is all one-length. The long bangs can be worn down to the chin and with either a side- or center part.

Long Blunt Cut With Surface Layers

Long hairstyles for girls are more attractive than those of adults. Let your little girl grow her hair if she has beautiful hair! Even if this means more styling time, it’s still so wonderful to see your little one’s beautiful locks. You’ll be amazed at the variety of styles you can try.

Long layers and textured ends

Long layers can add texture and movement to straight hair. If your girl is looking for a long cut, textured ends are a great option. To ensure that your hair is neat and smooth, request two levels of long layers.

Messy Choppy Bob

Messy Choppy Bob
Source: The Right Hairstyle

A short haircut for girls can be trendy and current. Instead of the traditional A-line, try a choppy and messy bob. This is especially important for teenage girls, who prefer to rebel at this age.

Medium-Blunt Little Girl Haircut

You want something shorter? Blunt medium haircuts look natural and well-rounded. This cut is great for teens and pre-teens. It falls just past the shoulders and can be styled for thick, straight hair. This cut would look great with bangs, as it is smooth.

Pretty Lob with Metallic Accents For Girls

For girls who want to grow their bob longer, a shoulder-length lob is the perfect cut. It can be parted down the middle or sideways and works well with both thick and thin hair. This cute style is easy to put in a ponytail and can be pulled back quickly for playtime.

Chic and Flowy Lob

Source: Pinterest

You can be chic even as young as you are. A stylish long bob can make your style more sophisticated. The long front pieces add a touch of style to the bobbed style. They help the hair fall at the shoulders nicely. These long side bangs, which flow seamlessly into the other layers, are perfect.

Medium-length Little Girl Haircut

This layered shoulder length hairstyle is a great choice for little girls with short to medium-length hair. For older girls, add some side bangs and even face-framing highlights.

Fine hair that is light as a feather

This light, layered little girl haircut will make it so much easier to detangle young girls who are still able to keep their baby hair. This feathered style will prevent long hair looking sloppy due to its fine texture.

Straight to the Shoulders, Sleek and Simple Haircut for Little Girl

Are you a cool school mom who is ready for a simple, feminine haircut? This super straight, shoulder-length cut has rounded ends. This cut is perfect for those with super straight hair.

Wavy-Trusted Shoulder-Skimming Lob

Wavy-Trusted Shoulder-Skimming Lob
Source: Hairstyles Weekly

This layered shoulder-length cut is perfect for natural hairstyles. The layered lob looks great when it is parted to the side, and a few curls over the jawline and cheekbones make it look even more beautiful. Its unique strawberry blonde balayage makes it stand out from others.

Layers for long, messy hairstyles

For young girls with thick, long hair, a longer layered cut is the best choice. The auburn color is natural and rich, while the hair’s texture and shine are highlighted by the chunky locks. This length allows you to alternate between updos or down dos depending on your mood and the occasion.

Beautiful Medium Curled Little Girl Haircut

It’s amazing to see hair that is long and loose. Layers are necessary if your hair is very thick. Don’t rush to dye your hair. Enjoy your natural length and healthy shine. Your natural hair color is best with sunkissed highlights.

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