Popular Charities That Help Single Mothers With Life

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There are charities all over the country that help single moms and families in crisis to pay their bills as they get into financial difficulties. Therefore, we talk about only a handful of them.

Charities For Single Moms

Charities for Single Moms

Overall Help

Community Action Organizations are tasked with supporting families in need of a range of programs ranging from water bill assistance to career training and various other services. They have locations worldwide, and you can find one near you by visiting their web page.

The American Red Cross assists service families, assists with utility bills, offers support in the event of a disaster, and assists individuals in an emergency. You can find local branches in any state in the United States. Find the chapter near you to get in touch with the group.

Help With Food

Feeding America covers all 50 states. They provide food to needy single mothers. You can get more detail by calling (800) 771-2303.

No Kid Hungry is dedicated to ending childhood hunger in the United States. They collaborate to provide food to children throughout the summer through numerous food banks and other services. By calling (800)969-4767, you can get more information.

Help With Shelter and Housing

Mercy Housing is an agency that works in almost every state. Seniors, single moms, disabled people, and low-income families will find affordable housing in apartments and some homes. You can find one near you by going to the website or calling (303) 830-3300.

The National Coalition for the Homeless is a collection of individuals, foundations, and associations that partner to provide housing information to single mothers. They can support people who are facing eviction, are searching for short-term accommodation, have an emergency, and more. You can reach them at (202) 462-4822.

Charities With Energy And Utilities Help For Single Moms

Help with Energy and Utilities for Single Moms

Financial assistance is available from over 3,000 Catholic Charity offices around the world. Regardless of their financial situation, they assist families with utility and electricity bills. The types of funds available will differ from one state to the next. Visit the Catholic Charities USA website to find a location near you.

Help With Medical And Dental Care

The Children’s Health Fund in the United States provides free healthcare to medically underserved children. They assist with treatment, expenses, and facilities regardless of financial means. You can enter them by dialing (212) 535-9400.

Dispensary of Hope is a service that allows patients who would otherwise be unable to afford their medicines to obtain them at a low to no cost. Instead of being thrown away, pharmaceutical companies donate their products. Physicians have more samples to distribute, and hospitals have more drugs to distribute to patients who also need them. Call (888) 428-HOPE to get more information.

Charities For Single Moms And Help With Financial Counseling

GreenPath Debt Solutions is a debt counseling center that assists consumers with mortgage payments, home loans, past-due medical bills, credit card debt, and bankruptcy. You can contact them by dialing (800) 550-1961.

In conclusion, contact these helpful charities mentioned above for single mother assistance, no matter what you need or where you are located.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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