Rent Assistance In Louisiana

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Single mothers are devoted to providing a good life for their children. Some organizations recognizes their efforts who want to assist these families in overcoming the obstacles they face. This article will cover the different agencies that provide rent assistance in Louisiana and how single mothers can access these services.

Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC) Supports Rent Assistance

Louisiana Housing Corporation Lhc Supports Rent Assistance

Louisiana Housing Corporation (LHC), assists qualified renters to get financial assistance. This program supports families affected financially by closings, dismissals, and unpaid leave. LHC offers financial assistance to renters facing eviction. LHC provides financial support for renters who are facing eviction. The monthly funding is based on the amount due under the lease agreement. The landlords receive the payments directly. They are dependent on the rent prices in the area and the family size.

Acadiana Regional Coalition on Homelessness and Housing (ARCH)

Acadiana Regional Coalition on Homelessness and Housing aims to ensure single mothers have affordable, secure housing and decrease the incidence of homelessness. They provide supportive housing and transitional housing. They place high importance on long-term housing, quality control, data collection, and management. To ensure more people have access to affordable, decent, safe and affordable housing for vulnerable populations, the service delivery system is continuously being improved.

Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Corp (SLLS)

The Legal Services Corporation partially funds the Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Corp. The SLLS is a champion for fair justice. The SLLS provides legal services at no cost to low-income earners and single mothers. We aim to end homelessness and help survivors of domestic violence. We also preserve housing for hardworking families. 

There are Outreach Clinics available that offer services like evaluation, advice and short assistance. Before accessing the Outreach Clinics, single mothers must present all documentation that is related to their legal problem. The Outreach Clinics offer legal representation and advice for at-risk individuals and families. They have the staff and attorneys who are dedicated to providing assistance to applicants to protect their rights.

Louisiana Providence House Provides Rent Assistance

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Providence House works to end homelessness. They do so by providing shelter for young families who are facing homelessness. They provide all-inclusive support services to enrich the family. These programs address the major barriers that lead to families becoming homeless. The Providence House help families and individuals get back on track and assist them in achieving self-sufficiency. They are the only organization that specifically serves families with children who are homeless. 

They can accommodate up to 27 families, and manage 40 apartments. The house offers additional services such as counseling, case management and learning classes. A dietitian is also available. A team of experts can help with financial literacy, parenting classes and preparation for work. Families are provided with clothing, food, education, and other support during their stay.

Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO)

Rebuilding Together New Orleans (RTNO), has the mission to improve the standard of life for low-income earners, especially single-mother families with young kids, disabled persons, and veterans. The RTNO, a non-profit organization, focuses on home rehabilitation. They specialize in home repair, but also take part in community revitalization projects. 

These services can be provided by the organization through donations, volunteers, public and private companies, and other donors. Priority is given to bathroom repairs, energy efficiency repairs and kitchen repairs. These repairs allow low income residents to remain in their homes for longer periods of time. They offer repairs that are essential for safety and health. Both volunteers and professionals are involved in the work.

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