Writing A Letter Of Support For A Grant Application

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Writing a convincing grant application letter is tricky, which is why we want to give you a format sample and tips on writing a letter of support.

Becoming a single mother does not only require your time, patience, and hard work; it also demands money. Single-handedly taking care of a child usually puts you into financial challenges, without anyone to turn to for monetary support. It can be testing when you are in dire need of financial assistance.

Luckily, several organizations and foundations are willing to provide single parents grants.

However, you cannot acquire a grant without applying for one. Applying for assistance always starts with the most basic and critical step: writing a grant letter.

Sample Tips On Writing A Grant Letter Of Support

You can apply my sample format (Tip 2) and tips to any form of grant letter of support. Whether or not that may be financial assistance or any form of support given by an organization, foundation, or other institutions. 

Writing a grant letter is an essential part of applying for a grant.

The support letter makes the grantor aware of your situation and why you need the funding through this. Because this is their first impression of you, your grant letter should be impressive and, more importantly, convincing.

These tips should give you a better idea of what grantors look for in a letter of support.

1. First Tip For Sample Letter Of Support Is Know Your Grantor

It would be best to consider writing your grant letter in formal business format.

The first step in writing is identifying the funding sources (company, NGO, government, institution, college, etc.) as you’re sending the letter to them. There are different funding sources, and it is vital to know the nature of the organization or foundation.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Is the funding source the government?
  • Is it a foundation or a corporation?
  • If so, what are these organizations, and what are their objectives?

It is essential to have a brief background of the organization to make sure that you are writing to the right person and comply with the organization’s conditions. One should also be familiar with the right person’s name or position to address, as this information is written in your letter’s heading.

2. Sample Letter of Support For Grant Application

  • Introduction: One Paragraph

The first part should introduce you and state the intention of writing the letter.

You should briefly describe the reason you are applying. Although the letter may not be necessarily detailed, the first paragraph should be compelling. It should be enough to make the reader interested in your request and make him want to read the letter further.

  • Body: Three to Five Paragraphs

After stating your intentions, you should explain your current situation. Clearly describe your challenges and difficult experiences to show that there is indeed a need for a grant. Specifically, explain the cause of the monetary hardship. You can state that there are circumstances beyond your control and that the charge would be of great assistance.

For example, your income might not be enough to send your child to college. Or, you might not have enough money to provide you and your children a place to live, which is why you are writing to acquire emergency housing assistance.

Most organizations have special conditions. Make sure to write according to those lines to meet these conditions. Your goal is to show that you deserve consideration. It is essential to be very honest in stating your experiences.

Although you aim to convince the grantor that you need assistance, it doesn’t mean that you have to fabricate events to gain their sympathy. On the contrary, you have to convince them to believe you. To do this, you can state in the latter part of your letter that you have attached documents that verify your situation.

Proof can be your income records, copies of tax forms, or other documents that may manifest your need for financial support.

  • Conclusion: One paragraph

To end your letter, state that you hope that the grantor would consider your request. Don’t forget to thank them for taking the time to read your letter.

grant application
Prepare for your grant application?

Ensure your contact information, such as your telephone number or email address, is correct and visible. We want the grantor to reach you as efficiently as possible.

3. Mind Your Tone

Writing a grant letter is not merely putting words into paper.

It’s essential to consider your tone as it contributes a lot to how the grantor might feel towards your request. The letter should sound polite and sincere but not overly dramatic. You should be aware that you’re asking for help and not demanding, so choose your words very carefully. For example, ‘may’ sounds more polite than ‘can’ when asking for a favor.

Be careful to consider the grantor’s person or the institution you are writing to’s standards. If it’s a formal business or government institution, keep it strictly traditional and to the point. If the organization likes a personal touch, make sure to add that.

Keep in mind what your grantor values (such as women’s rights), and make sure to focus. Just make sure you are not untruthful. No matter how deserving you are to receive the grant, displeasing the grantor with lying or, your letter’s tone would lower your chance of getting assistance.

4. Check Your Grammar And Spelling

No matter how informal, no organization or grantor will appreciate a letter of support riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Make sure that you check and double-check your letter.

If writing and language are not your strong suit, make sure you enlist someone you trust to help you get your message across. Take your time to fill out your application and write the letter, as the trouble shines through to the person reading your grant application.

Good Luck With Your Grant Request!

Monetary support is significant not only for you but also for your child’s growth. The lack of it might risk a child’s education, health, and future altogether. Searching for grants can be challenging because there are so many different options to explore, not to mention bogus websites.

Check out our list of grants for single mothers if you have not yet found the right one.

However, when applying for grants, the challenge is complying with the requirements and convincing the organization that you deserve the assistance. But with sufficient knowledge and dedication, one can surely complete this task with ease.

Make sure you include the sample format and all of these tips in your letter of support, double-check everything, and keep on applying until you find something!

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!