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Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed and don’t know what to do about it?

I get it, life as a single mom certainly has it’s challenges and sometimes, it can just feel like too much, right?

So how can you make your daily reality easier and more relaxed?

Here are my tips:

1. Accept help

I gotta be honest, I take pride in the fact that I can do many things myself. I hardly ask for help and when I do, I feel uncomfortable. However, life is so much easier when you simply reach out and ask for another pair of hands, a few hours of a friend’s time, a shoulder to lean on. So, reach out, ask for help and when someone offers it, accept it. It might feel difficult at first, but you’ll be so much more relaxed and sane in the long run.

2. Build a network of babysitters

We all need babysitters and when you’re a single mom, you sometimes need help – urgently. So, build a network of babysitters that you trust, can call up anytime and that your child feels comfortable with. Don’t just stick with one, but have a few on hand, so that you don’t have to go into a small nervous breakdown should you have to work an hour late or are stuck in traffic on your way home from gym.

3. Look for role models

I’m a career girl. I want to create something big and meaningful and being a single mom, I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to build my business as fast and as big as I had planned.

However, when I looked around and searched for single mom role models, I found so many beautiful examples of women who are kicking ass in business and in life. Have you found your role models yet? If not, do so. It’ll help you along the way when you feel uninspired and overwhelmed. [click to continue…]


About a month ago, I took my son to see the movie, Mr. Peabody & Sherman, the latest flick about the 1950s cartoon dog who is the smartest being in the world. In this movie, Mr. Peabody adopted an orphaned infant boy and named him Sherman.

Due to several hazardous choices by Sherman when he first begins attending school, Mr. Peabody found himself traveling back in time to mend fences with notable historical figures – King Tut, Leonardo DaVinci and Marie Antoinette, to name a few – in order to keep history, well, history.

While I do not have a time travel machine to take care of the oops! we make in our lives, there is one tool in my toolbox that wherever I go in my life with Liam I try to keep on hand all the time.


I must!  And we did a lot of it during the movie.

Laughter is a proven scientific method of reducing stress, too. Preventive care specialists at various universities in the United States have been studying the human body’s response to laughter. Studies show that laughing frequently optimizes many of the functions various body systems … much like exercise. These same studies show that laughing enhances mood, decreases stress hormones and enhances immune activity.

For a single mother who juggles herself, her children and her work, plus all the other demands in her day, it is an amazing free commodity to cling to. It’s also something her children, when the catch it from her, will remember how they feel around their mother and create good memories for them. [click to continue…]


So you’ve been spending time with someone who you really seem to hit it off with and the two of you decide that you want to take your relationship to the next level and become a couple.

If you followed my advice, you have waited to introduce your child to your new man until you were sure that you were serious. Now that you are ready, it may be a bit confusing as to how to introduce the two.

Here are some tips on how to introduce your child to your new boyfriend.

Tell your child

It is necessary to prepare your child for what is going to happen.  You definitely don’t want it to be a surprise.  Let your child know that you are want to introduce them to someone who is a special friend.  It is not necessary to go into details because you want things to be as casual as possible. [click to continue…]

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Summer is around the corner.

The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and summer break is about to begin.

This can be a tricky and stressful time for you as a single mom with a constantly bored and complaining child.

However, summer is also a big opportunity for creating life-long memories and deepening the bond you have with your little one.  All you have to do is plan ahead and prepare a few cool activities in order to make summer the best time of the year.

Here are 20 ideas to spend some quality time with your kiddo in the next few months.

little girl chalk drawings [click to continue…]


TJ’s school did a wonderful celebration for all the Mom’s for Mother’s Day.  It was a “Mother’s Only” event and each Mom was treated to a breakfast of donuts, muffins and OJ served by their child in their classrooms.  Each child recited a poem that they wrote to their mother in front of the class.  TJ’s poem was so sweet.

It feels good to be recognized by your child for all the things you do for them.  It especially feels good when that recognition is done in public.  Leaving TJ’s school that morning, I began to worry about the up coming Father’s Day Celebration and how TJ would be included in it since it was “father’s only”and his father is absent in his life.  I thought about the one little boy in TJ’s class whose mother did not make it for the celebration and how sad he looked.

Since his mother was not there, he recited his poem to all of us. By no means, did I want my child to feel like this for the Father’s Day Celebration and I stressed about what I was going to do.  I decided that I would talk to TJ after school and get his thoughts on the situation.

2 o’clock couldn’t come fast enough and TJ wasn’t even in his seat belt before I asked him, “TJ, what do you think about the upcoming Father’s Day Celebration?  How are you going to participate?”

Since I was driving, I couldn’t look at his face when he responded, but to my surprise he said, “I already talked to Mrs. B about that.”  “Oh REALLY?”  I was surprised!! “Yeah!

She said that the assistant principal could come in and sit with me.”  “Are you okay with that?” I asked him and he responded that he was. [click to continue…]

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