15 Best Single Mom Song(s) To Overcome Weakness

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A song and its context are both parallel. Particularly if you’re a single mom with low self-confidence. A song’s ability to have an impact on someone is far greater than a motivational book. Being a single mother is no easy. These single mom songs might make you laugh and inspire you to be stronger. Although the stories of motherhood are different from one another, there are some beautiful moments. These are the heart-warming 15 single mother songs you should listen to. This is not an exhaustive list of single mom song.

15 Best Single Mom Song(s) To Overcome Weakness

15 Single Mom Songs Collection For An Instant Emotional Relief

A little bit stronger

Song by: Sara Evans ( An American Country Music Artist)

Released date: 2010

Music Album: Country Strong

A song that visualizes a mother that stays strong and never gives up through all the bad circumstances of life.

Better Place

Song by: Rachel Platten

Released date: 2016

Music Album: Wildfire

Baby Mama

Song by: American Singer Fantasia

Released date: 3rd May 2005

Music album: Free Yourself

A song that inspires the life and hustle of mothers who work hard for their children.

Godspeed (sweet dreams)

Song by: Dixie Chicks

Released date: 2002

Music album: Home

A song that can help you, a parent, visualize your memories with your children.

Keep Ya Head Up

Song by: Tupac Thakur

Released date: 1993

Music Album: Strictly for my N.

A song that depicts the tough days a single mother faces to give the best life for her child.

Love is all around

Song by: Wet wet wet (English rock band), 

Lyrics: Reg Presley

Released date: 1995

Album: Picture this

Its name suggests that “Love is everywhere”, It beautifully illustrates the concept of love being the mother to small children.

Pawn shop blues

Song by: Lana Del Rey and David Kahne ( written and recorded)

Released date: January 2010

Music Album: Lana Del Ray

A song that shows a single mother letting go of her past and focusing on being the best single mom.


Song by: Clean Bandit (featuring Sean Paul and Anne Marie)

Released date: 2018

Music album: Let’s Dance

A song that shows how courageous single mothers are as they struggle through life’s unfortunate circumstances. A song that gives tribute to motherhood.

She didn’t have a time

Song by: Terrie Clark ( A Canadian Country Music Artist)

Released date: July, 2005

Music Album: Life goes off

A song that shows a mom’s sacrifice for her child’s happiness.

Somebody’s hero

Song by: Jamie O’Neal ( An Australian Country Music Artist0)

Released date: April of 2005

Music Album: Brave

A song that reveals how strong a bond could be between a mother and her child.

Thanks for my child

Song by: Cherly Pepsii Riley

Released date: 1988

Album: Me, Myself, and I

A song that voices out single mothers’ struggles that they hide through their smile but seen through the sorrow in their eyes.

The Strong one

Song by: American Country Music artist Clint Black

Released date: 2007

Music album: The Long cool EP

A song about a mother’s realization that it’s in her nature that she’s a strong, awesome, and independent mother.

Tougher than a man

Song by: Cowboy Crush (An American Country Music Band)

Released date: 2009

Music Album: Cowboy Crush

A song about all the uncertainty and struggles of being a single mom at a young age. A song that compares how tough a single mother can be compared to a man.

Fight Song

Song by: Rachel Platten

Released Date: 2014

Music Album: Fight Song

Two black cadillacs

Song by: Carrie Underwood ( An American Recording Artist)

Released date: 2012

Music Album: Blown Away

A song that shows the lives of two strong mothers.

Waterproof mascara

Song by: Sheryl Crow

Released date: 2013

Music Album: Feels like Home

A song that is dedicated to single mothers who stay strong and power through all the problems life throws at her for her son.

You’re gonna be

Song by: Reba McEntire ( An American Country Music Artist)

Released date: September of 2005

Music album:  Not known

A song that highlights the struggles of a single mother. A young single mother that goes through their life after they get pregnant .

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