Books For Single Mom To Read For Their Child

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Are you looking for books to read to your children when you are single moms? You came to the right place! This article will introduce seven great bed-story books for single mothers.

What we see each day is one of the strongest influences on us as adults and children. In unconscious ways, the people in our lives, work, and communities determine what is possible. Media and popular culture often portray single-mother families as struggling, lonely, poor, and lacking. These children’s books challenge those messages and celebrate the millions of happy, healthy families led by single mothers.

It can be difficult to be a child of divorced or separated parents. Children often have questions. If the answers to those questions are complicated or sensitive, it can be difficult for them to ask the right questions. Some children are used to living with their parents in separate households. This is because they know it is what they’ve known all their lives.

Others may find it challenging to understand the implications of living with one parent or moving between homes. Families come in all sizes. It’s not uncommon to have only one parent or have more than two. However, it can be pretty exhausting to have two homes, two closets, and two sets of toys.

Appleblossom the Possum | Books For Single Moms

Appleblossom the Possum: Sloan, Holly Goldberg, Rosen, Gary: 9780147512802:  Books for Single Mothers

by Holly Goldberg Sloan, illustrated by Gary Rosen

Mama Possum and her 13 children are the focus of this chapter. She must teach them how to survive in the harsh world. The possum children are shocked to discover that their mama is more than just their mother. She’s a grownup who enjoys dancing in the moonlight.

Corduroy | Books For Single Moms

Corduroy: Don Freeman: 9780140501735: Books for Single Mothers

by Don Freeman

This classic is all about love, hard work, and non-traditional families. Teddy bear Corduroy thinks he’s unlovable because he doesn’t have a button on his green overalls. Lisa sees beyond that flaw and her single mother’s financial woes and saves enough to bring Corduroy home to be a part of their loving but modest household.

Llama Llama Series | Books For Single Moms

Llama Llama (TV Series 2018–2019)

by Anna Dewdney

This series is loved by moms because it’s so relatable. Mama Llama, who seems to be the only one, gets mad at her little Llama Llama because little Llama Llama becomes cranky while shopping for holidays, refuses sharing with her playmates, takes his frustrations out on her, and won’t stay in bed. In a way that few children’s books can, Mama Llama is sweet, generous, and completes a real mom. Stay strong, Mama Llama!

No Matter What, Stormy Weather, and other titles

Stormy Weather eBook by Ms Debi Gliori - 9781408839164 | Books for Single Mothers

by Debi Gliori

Gliori, a mother of four, lives in Scotland. Her beautiful books feature images and messages of animal mommies keeping their babies safe and snug.

The Runaway Bunny

The Runaway Bunny' Tells a Classic Story of a Mother's Love | Books for Single Mothers

by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Clement Hurd

This is a classic for children, it’s about a little boy who faces a challenge with his mother. Her unwavering devotion promises to keep him safe through mountains, streams, and into the human world. This story is relatable to every mother’s mama bear instincts and patience with a child who is challenging.

Two Homes | Books For Single Moms

Two Homes: Masurel, Claire, Denton, Kady MacDonald: 0732483009842

by Claire Masurel, Illustrated by Kady MacDonald Denton

It is usual for children to feel alone when their parent’s divorce, but there is a positive side. This book features Alex talking about his soft chair at Mummy’s and his cool rocking chair at Daddy’s. He has his bedroom in each of his outs and many friends who are happy to play with him. He is loved no matter where he is, at Mummy’s house or Daddy’s. It’s sweet, and it’s optimistic.

When I Miss You

When I Miss You (The Way I Feel Books): Spelman, Cornelia Maude, Parkinson - Books for Single Mothers

by Cornelia Spelman

Sadness can sneak in when you least expect it when a parent is absent for whatever reason. The book does not focus on the actual separation, but on the emotions that accompany it. It can help children deal with mixed emotions. Children of single parents often have to deal with the issue of missing a parent. Even if the other parent is not there, it can still be a problem. It can help the child to understand that their loved ones will be back and comfort them while they wait.

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