Grants for Single Mothers in West Virginia

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Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Lori Pace

As a single mother who has navigated the challenges of low-income living in West Virginia (WV), I want to share how federal government grants can truly make a difference. If you’re interested in grants for single mothers across the United States or specifically in WV, read on for valuable insights.

These are the organizations in West Virginia that have personally supported me as a single mother. I can vouch for their assistance programs and want to share them with fellow single mothers who may be seeking help.

WV Single Moms Assistance Programs

Read below for more information on specific cities’ grants for single mothers.


Let me tell you about the WV WORKS program, also known as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), from my own experience. This program provides temporary cash assistance that can last for up to five years for qualified families like ours. I’ll walk you through the application process and share some tips

The WV WORKS is the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program in West Virginia. To benefit from this program, apply on the inROADS website or contact the nearest Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR) office in your area. You can also reach them at (304) 558-0628 for general questions and assistance.


As someone who has relied on it, I can say that the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) can be a lifeline for single mothers in West Virginia. To get started, you can assess your eligibility by applying online through inROADS or reaching out to the DHHR office nearest to you. They’ll guide you through the process and ensure you receive the support you need.

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I want to share my experience with the West Virginia WIC program, which provides crucial support to pregnant and breastfeeding single mothers like me. To start your journey with WIC, visit the nearest WIC office in your area. They are incredibly helpful. You can also reach out to the WIC Office of Nutrition Services at (304) 558-0030 or email them at for any questions or assistance.


My experience with WV Medicaid has been a game-changer for my family’s healthcare. Medicaid is a lifeline for low-income families in West Virginia, covering a wide range of essential services. To get started, I recommend visiting their website or calling 1-877-716-1212. If you prefer in-person assistance, head over to the nearest DHHR office.

Additionally, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach their call center at 1-800-318-2596; they were really helpful to me.

Children’s Health Insurance Program (WV CHIP)

Let me share my personal experience with the West Virginia Children’s Health Insurance Program, also known as WV CHIP. This program provides vital and affordable healthcare for children in the state. Applying for this grant is easy – you can do it online or by calling 1-877-716-1212.

And if you have any questions about eligibility or the program itself, don’t hesitate to reach out to their helpline; they were very helpful when I had questions.

Child Care Assistance Program

As a single mother, I understand the importance of affordable childcare. The West Virginia Child Care Assistance Program has been a great support for me in covering daily childcare costs. To qualify, you’ll need to meet the federal poverty income level.

Applying for child care benefits is convenient – you can do it online or reach out to your nearest Child Care Resource and Referral Center (CCR&R) for assistance.

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Higher Education Grant

As someone who has pursued higher education while facing financial challenges, I can attest to the value of the West Virginia Higher Education Grant. This grant is a lifeline for low-income students like me. To be eligible, make sure to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) before October 1.

If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to the helpful folks at the Financial Aid Office of the College Foundation of West Virginia, either by calling (877) 987-7664 or (304) 558-4618.

Unemployment Insurance

I’ve personally experienced the challenges of being a single mother in need of financial support when facing unemployment. Eligible candidates, including single mothers, can qualify for crucial unemployment insurance benefits. If you’ve recently worked and are actively job-hunting, you may be eligible.

I recommend applying at the nearest WorkForce WV office in your area, and if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact WorkForce at 1-800-252-JOBS.

LIHEAP & Weatherization

As someone who understands the importance of making ends meet, I want to share information about programs that can help you reduce energy bills and improve your home’s comfort. The Low Income Energy & Heating Assistance Program (LIHEAP) is a valuable resource, and so is the weatherization program. To access these programs, connect with the West Virginia Office of Economic Opportunity and locate the LIHEAP agency and weatherization assistance program in your county. They made a significant difference for me.

Head Start

My firsthand experience with West Virginia Head Start has been nothing short of exceptional. They offer a wide range of programs for children, focusing on education, healthcare, and family support. To enroll your child, simply apply at the Head Start program in your city or nearby.

If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the WV Head Start Association at (304) 233-4450 or They were incredibly helpful to my family.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

Lori Pace is a single mother of three daughters ages 7 and under. As a working mom from home, she balances kids, work and two crazy dogs with humor and love. Follow Lori as she honestly gives tips and advice based on her own experiences as a single mom!