Single Mothers Grants in Parkersburg, West Virginia

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Single mothers living in Parkersburg can use this guide to help find and apply for single parent grants and assistance programs in West Virginia. In times of financial distress, these assistance programs may be useful.

Single parent grants in Parkersburg

Cash Assistance

WV Works is a cash assistance program administered by West Virginia Health and Human Resources. It can help single mothers pay for basic necessities, which are, food and housing. You can check if you are eligible for benefits by visiting the website or by calling the office at (305) 558-0628.

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Help With Food

Single mothers can access the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) if they meet income and work requirements. This program provides them with an additional food source in times of financial crisis. The electronic benefits from the SNAP program are available to be used for food purchases at participating retailers. Get more information by calling the Bureau of Children & Families’ Client Service at 1-800-642-8589 or by visiting their website.

Help With Shelter and Housing

Parkersburg Housing Authority (PHA) has a Public Housing Department that can assist those in need of transitional housing and emergency shelter. The U.S. government provides low-cost housing programs that PHA can help you apply. To learn more about these programs and to apply for assistance, visit the website.

Help With Energy and Utility Bills

Single mothers can save money on heating by using the LIHEAP assistance program. The Division of Family Assistance administers the program. To be able to ask for assistance, you must meet certain income and work requirements. The office can be reached at 304-558-628 or you can submit an online application.

Help With Telephone and Internet Bills

LifeLine Telephone Assistance is an all-inclusive discount program. The program is available to qualifying low-income households’ telephone service bills. It is a discount program that can reduce the cost of your monthly phone bills. Apply through a registered service provider to receive assistance. Start your application by calling Frontier at 1-800-921-8101 or by visiting their website.

Help With Childcare

Single mothers can save money on child care costs by applying for assistance through the Child Care Program of West Virginia. If you meet the income and work requirements, you will need to apply for assistance from the Division of Early Care & Education. To get more information and details about the program, call the Child Care Coordinator at 304-558-0628 or visit their website.

Help With Medical and Dental Care

Federal Medicaid may be able to provide coverage for you and your family’s medical and dental care. Medicaid offers limited-income people access to a variety of healthcare services. You can apply for benefits by filling out an online form or calling the Centers for Medicaid & CHIP at 304-558-0628.

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Help With Legal Matters

Get in touch with Legal Aid of West Virginia If you have a non-criminal legal matter that you need help with. They can help you get the services of a lawyer that you can afford. They provide free and low-cost legal assistance. Contact the office at 1-866-255-4370. Visit their website to apply for help online.

Help With Financial Counseling

Single mothers can get help from the National Foundation of Credit Counseling if they are trying to manage their debt better. To ensure counseling is accessible in all areas of the country, they work with many local service providers. Learn more about the NFCC by calling them at 800-388-2227 or by visiting their website.

We hope this page helped residents in Parkersburg find the right assistance programs.

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