10 Black Mom Bloggers You Can Learn From

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Many parents have different beliefs and backgrounds but all share the same love for their children. Through Blogger Mamas, you’ll be able to discover the best products and the most adorable baby clothes, as well as the realities of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting. We have a list of inspiring Black Mom bloggers. These 10 Black mommy bloggers can help you with advice and suggestions on traveling with children.

Mattie James – Black Mom Bloggers

Mattie James
Source: Mattie James

Mattie is the creator of a lifestyle blog that shares beauty trends and home decor tips with her readers. She states, “If it has made my life easier, I’m happy sharing.” The blog of a mom to three children has become a business. She now teaches others how to start six-figure businesses. She also offers a masterclass to teach influencers how to pitch brands.

While she can write about many topics, her primary focus is parenting. This is a great resource, especially for entrepreneurs and parents who are busy.

Mater Mea

Mater mea is a collection of stories from Black mothers. They provide expert advice on everything from finding a midwife, to dealing with microaggressions at the workplace.” Their goal? To help Black mothers thrive in motherhood, career, and life.

They offer blog posts as well as podcasts and live events. They have everything you need, from expert Q&As to inspiring social media posts. You can learn from moms by sharing a lot of first-person content. However, expert advice is also shared so that you have a range of perspectives.

Mommy Talk Show – Black Mom Bloggers

Joyce Brewer is the creator and host of Mommy Talk Show. An Emmy-winning TV journalist, she is now a social media influencer and blogger. She writes on travel, beauty products and family. She also creates engaging videos. Her blog is unique because she provides a business plan for moms. Her advice is a must-read for any mom entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Mommy Week

Ashley, creator of Mommy Week combines vibrant photos with educational and entertaining content. You won’t be disappointed, whether you are looking for healthy living tips, recipes, or DIY activities. Her blog is full of posts on how to be realistic when dealing with technology. 

Product Review Mom

Product Review Mom

Louida Martin (known as Lou) is the Product Reviews Mom. Her blog started as a hobby in 2012. She started her blog to test products. Her blog became a successful business. This mother-of-two shares her thoughts on a wide range of topics including beauty, skincare and fashion, entertainment, food, cars, money-making opportunities, and music. Sometimes, her daughters also share their thoughts.

Rattles and Heels

Adanna, a New York City mom, created Rattles and Heels. This mother of three, originally from Grenada, shares her top tips for motherhood, fashion, and travel.

She writes a lot of content to help clients’ websites and social media channels. It’s clear that she is a skilled writer. She’s often mentioned in the media. You will be inspired by her beautiful photos and catchy titles to take more family vacations, better care of your health, and improve your style.

Sincerely Onyi – Black Mom Bloggers

Onyi, a 30-year-old Nigerian American mother and grandmother of two, is Sincerely Onyi. She is a physician’s assistant, and has a long-distance relationship. Onyi blogs about motherhood and lifestyle as well as travel.

She offers helpful tips and strategies for busy moms looking to make the most of their lives, including articles about Black history books for preschoolers and blog posts about multigenerational family vacations.

The Traveling Child

The Traveling Child
Source: The Travel Child

Monet, a mother of two, is the founder of The Traveling Child. It was created to encourage parents to travel the world with their children. She addresses the safety and expense concerns that parents may have regarding international travel with their children.

She has everything, from holiday itineraries in Madrid up to back-to-school shopping ideas. Monet’s blog is so popular that she now offers coaching to others who wish to start their own blog.

Two Chocolate Faces 

Kayla Eubanks, the mother behind Two Chocolate Faces. She tells you about her journey with twin boys, who are now toddlers, and how she and her husband raised them. Kayla is open about the joys and challenges of parenting. However, she keeps it real. She shares her struggles and fears.

Her blog also features fitness posts because she is a personal trainer. She is not afraid to share her personal story. She is also a teacher in special education and has recently completed a Master’s Degree. As you can see, she has a full-time job and a hectic schedule. But she also shares her secrets for making it work for her family.

What MJ Loves – Black Mom Bloggers

What MJ loves offers a wide range of content about food, parenting, or kids. MJ states that she tries to share both the positive and the challenging aspects of parenting.

MJ has a background in marketing and sales. Her master’s degree is in information management and telecommunications, which gives her the ability to write great articles. You can also find her content on food as she has worked as a pastry chef.

Lori Pace
Lori Pace

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